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Family Of Light

“To love what I do. To remember who I am. To become and to practise what it is I believe. How far I’ve come and how far I’ve gone to experience me”

I am here to help humanity deprogram and decondition from the enslavement agenda that our species has been subjected to on our beloved planet.  This reeducation back to organic human-based value system  will lead us to self-sovereignty, spiritual freedom, and liberation.

Ultimately I am here to be an advocate for;
1. Children – see video
2. Animals – see video
3. Mother Earth and humanity- read about my vision

I am a devoted seeker of truth, love, unity, peace, integrity, empowerment, freedom, and sovereignty and I do not comply with the current narrative plaguing our planet.

My deepest wish is that LOVE, UNITY, and FREEDOM prevail for humanity.


Our Group Dedication 

We dedicate our energy-attention, awareness, and the architecture of this website to Truth and the Eternal Light, Love, and Power of God. I am a warrior for truth, light, the way, serving the one true infinite creator. May that which is whole and  harmonious be amplified and serve to enlighten all who arrive here.

May peace and calm be with your heart.

Janette xx


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