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My Family Of Light.

“To love what I do. To remember who I am. To become and to practise what it is I believe. How far I’ve come and how far I’ve gone to experience me”

As many of you know I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 2018 and since I have been tuning into my spiritual role as humanity goes through this consciousness rebirth cycle during this decade.

Ultimately as a Starseed my contract with our beloved planet is to assist humanity to move into a higher level of consciousness to become a more advanced civilisation connected back to God consciousness.

I do this by awakening others which changes the consciousness fields and this leads to healing their connection with themselves and God. Remember; there is no teacher outside of the self…no one will give you the answers. This is the awakening journey.

Humanity has been manipulated, suppressed, genetically damaged and mind controlled and so the consciousness has genetically digressed over time.

I am here to contribute to the evolution and potential of the human being. I agreed to come in at this space time to work with this consciousness field.

Please know that what I share with you be it on social media, my online workshops, my blog posts, or on my website is from my level of consciousness and my personal truth of experience. There will be topics and subject matters that you may find challenge your existing belief systems and that is O.K. Please only take what resonates with your heart and soul. Only you will know what that is.

My spirit of intention is to educate and share and never to force or convince. I share what higher sensory perceptions I receive after I have integrated those perceptions and feel in my heart that they can serve humanity.

My approach is measured and I use extreme discernment before I share or voice my experiences. There is an immense responsibility that comes with this role and I don’t take it lightly. The past few years I have had to apply discipline and spiritual practice as I have been learning what this stewardship responsibility means.

Stepping into this role has meant that I have had to learn a great deal about the nature of our reality, our past planetary history, and where our beloved planet and humanity are attempting to move to. I have also had to face many dark energies that I didn’t even know existed let alone understand how to handle them.

I am not someone who can create a video and share content for the sake of consistency, ratings or views. I only share content when I feel divinely guided to and that means there will be times when you will not hear from me. Please know that is because I am either integrating or dealing with energy that has an agenda to try and prevent our planetary shift into a higher state of frequency.

Most of my time is spent with mother earth as I have been physically attuning and cleansing my body, mind, and spirit. I feel a deep love and connection to her and it is in this space I feel most divinely guided.

In terms of the impulses I receive, they come in the form of higher sensory perception which is a direct cellular knowing through my feeling heart. I have been learning how to read the energy signature (organic and inorganic) of all things to assist my understanding and discernment.

Ultimately I am here to be an advocate for;
1. Children – see video
2. Animals – see video
3. Mother Earth and humanity- read about my vision


I am here to support humanity in cultivating an accurate understanding of the nature of reality on earth, bringing awareness to the anti human and enslavement agenda and reeducate to human based value system which will lead us to self sovereignty, spiritual freedom and liberation.

I serve the eternal living consciousness of God and I defend the Christ consciousness on our beloved planet as a dedicated Christ galactic warrior in service to God, Christ, and humanity. I am a devoted disciple of truth, love, unity, peace, integrity, empowerment, freedom, and sovereignty and I do not comply with the current narrative plaguing our planet.

May perfect peace and calm be with your heart. God’s love is fully and completely with you.

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