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Free Gift from Janette

Checklist: Are You On The Awakening Journey?

My Family Of Light.

“To love what I do. To remember who I am. To become and to practise what it is I believe. How far I’ve come and how far I’ve gone to experience me”

Welcome to our awakening commUNITY, I’m Janette and I’m grateful you’re here, thank you for stopping by. I thought I’d take a moment to share more about who I am and why I felt so compelled to create this community.

Growing up I was your typical tomboy, I loved to run, climb trees and you’d often find me playing cricket and tennis with the other kids in my street. I always had a lot of energy. My career path lead me to working in the Biotechnology space, specifically in Breast Cancer and I think that was the time I fell in love with women. Seeing them go through their healing journey was such a humbling experience. I was in awe of their grit and fortitude, and their ability to get up and show up for their loved ones regardless of the struggle they were facing.

In 2007, I started my personal branding business which surprisingly I found myself having really deep soulful conversations with thousands of women from all walks of life and I want to share some of their comments with you.

“After many years of ignoring God’s “taps” to slow down, honour and take care of myself, stop giving to others at the expense of myself, he finally hit me on the head with a hammer and took me out of the game temporarily”

“From the outside, I looked like a free spirit, on the inside I was a lost soul. I faced the parts of myself that were ugly, hurt and made me question my worthiness”

The word awakening sounds so profound but don’t be fooled. Just as my clients and I discovered, the journey is brutal, it is messy, it forces you to look at all your shadows, it brings up all your unresolved wounds, and shows you how your ego has been running the show.

An awakening doesn’t come wrapped up in lovely wrapping paper with a ribbon on top. It’s more like a tornado, it barrels in, uproots everything in your life, and leaves you in silence to pick up the pieces.

Piece by piece I started to unhinge and dismantle from all the third-dimensional structures that I had identified with as my source of security. Once I became awakened I could no longer operate and live with past conditioning and programming.

BUT the gift buried deep under the rubble of the tornado is that I got to put myself back again but this time honouring my soul.

I started to rebuild from scratch. This time I got to decide which pieces I’d keep and which I’d lovingly let go of.

I had no framework for what I was experiencing during this time. For the next two years, mother earth became my teacher. For months I sat in stillness and I became an observer of life. Slowly I started to go within and transform from the inside out. I learned that the awakening journey is 99% emotional clearing and that healing is not linear. I studied several ancient practices such as Astrology, Reiki, Feng Shui, and Energy Medicine.

Now that I have done much healing work, I can put on hand on my heart and say that it was worth it. I can’t imagine ever going back and living the way I was in the past.

Once my consciousness expanded, there was no turning back. So now life is about living in flow, accepting what is, living in the present moment with my family, and being lead by the light.

As a Starseed, I am here to help humanity bring in a new level of consciousness. As your mentor, guide and messenger, together we will cross the rainbow bridge to a new world where you and I both fit in.

So beautiful beings if you’re on the awakening path and you’re ready to reach your soul purpose and self-mastery then this supportive community will give you all the support and framework you need to reimagine your life.

Its time to be the person God has created you to be, the person the world is waiting for.

My ultimate vision is to re-create the Garden of Eden as we embrace the new earth.


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From a woman on the awakening journey

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