Hello kind beautiful soul, I’m Janette and I’m grateful you are here.

There’s a strong chance you were guided to be here. Perhaps it was your internal GPS system or your guardian angel who gently put you on this path. Either way, thank you for connecting.

You might be wondering who I REALLY am.

Well, I’m a woman like you on the awakening journey here to offer you conscious spiritual and energetic support during your unfoldment as you achieve personal mastery .

I’m a bearer of light, a spiritual seeker, a lover of mother earth, a curious observer of life and a health conscious mama. I live a simple and loving life with my husband and our two active children. Growing up I was a tomboy who loved to be outdoors running and playing.

For a big part of my life I always felt different, like I didn’t quite fit in. For the past twelve years working as a personal branding expert, I’ve had thousands of soulful conversations with women. It seemed most women coming to me were on the brink of awakening . It has happened so much over the years that I can’t help feel that it is part of my purpose to help people through their own awakening journey .

Since my own personal awakening February 2018, I’ve come to realise that I’m here as a divine guide and messenger to create a new world, a world where you and I fit in. As I unfolded I became witness to the interconnectedness of all things; the spirit realm, our 3D reality and mother earth.

I’m fascinated by the role that spirituality, energy and consciousness plays in our everyday life. For most of my life I have been both a student and teacher and my curious nature has seen me enquire about life’s big questions as a means for me to garner greater wisdom and to achieve personal mastery.

My ultimate vision is to re-create the Garden of Eden as we embrace the new earth.

Here are three ways you can learn more about me and you;

From a woman on the awakening journey