Welcome to my home

My name is Janette and I’m a woman also on the awakening journey just like you. Everyday I am learning and unfolding as I consciously co-create with the universe.

The spirit of my intention with my home is to create a safe, private and welcoming space for women who are looking for more conscious and energetic support as they unfold.

Since my awakening, January 2018, which was a divine moment orchestrated by the universe, I later that year experienced a spontaneous kundalini activation that has had an incredible impact on my life.

The past years have been a steep learning curve as I’ve been spiralling and unfolding along my awakening journey. During this time I noticed there wasn’t a lot of support for what I was going through, I didn’t know anyone that I could privately talk to about it. So I decided to create a safe space for women like you and me who are awakening to their true self.

As we move into the age of Aquarius, I have sensed a shift in consciousness taking place on a wider scale. As a collective, we are going through a transformational process of reawakening and reconnecting to our true self. For the past twelve years, I have listened to women and have helped them find greater alignment with their life. They reached professional success


something was missing, their souls felt void. I knew exactly where they were because I had been there too. During our personal sessions many of my clients had shared in their own words the separation they were feeling with their life. They began to awaken to what's missing and started to feel that there were aspects of themselves that have been long forgotten, hidden, or missing.

She was starting to WAKE UP!

She started to really look at her external reality and see the matrix and old conditioning and programming that had left her feeling imprisoned and energetically depleted. She realised there was more to life than what she was lead to believe.

A shift is coming like we've never seen before. Our evolution is unfolding.

My deepest wish is for you to call back your missing pieces, to break away from the conditioning and programming that has left you feeling drained and imprisoned and to stand in your divine greatness as you reconnect with your true self.

Together we will rediscover long forgotten ancient wisdom and new modalities that will help us realign with our energetic imprint, our soul purpose and raise our consciousness so we can co-create with the universe.

As a mentor, light bearer and awakener, I am here to guide and support you and humanity as we move to a place of greater consciousness, unity, integrity and love. A NEW earth with new SOULutions

An undercurrent is brewing and more and more women are awakening.

These women are your sisters, your mum, your daughter, your grandmother, your friend.

It’s time to nurture a new KIND of woman

What community members are saying

I have known Janette for over 25 years, initially as a senior corporate colleague, and then later as a pragmatic stylist for keeping my wardrobe in shape. As she evolved in her journey, my journey has also moved in parallel to a more honest and holistic footprint. I have often connected with her in her workshops on an awakening light-filled but honest (raw and dark sometimes) learning about my pathway and now keeping my soul in shape. Janette shines her light brightly and with a generous authentic spirit so many of us get touched by this and inspired to delve into our dark and light. I find Janette a constant source of wisdom and truly believe she is a wise woman to walk alongside our community especially in these challenging times.

Janette is working with me to help me heal from old wounds and break old negative patterns. I am becoming more confident in my skin, happier about the decisions I make, more positive about the future and my boundaries are stronger. Janette’s commitment to truth, learning, and her development personally and spiritually are unwavering. She is dedicated, conscientious, and ‘walks her talk’. Her capacity for strength and clear seeing, as well as for compassion, make her an asset to her profession. I am glowing with gratitude,  Love Maria
Maria B.

This global community is for you if you:

  • are on the awakening journey and want to learn to better navigate this journey within a private and safe space
  • feel like you don’t fit into this world but realise you’re here to create a new one
  • learn how to break away from past conditioning so you can rise as the woman you were created to be
  • are looking for energetic and conscious support for the everyday
  • want to learn how to consciously co-create with the universe
  • want to learn how to activate and integrate with your life force energy
  • want to discover your life soul mission
  • want to feel part of a soul tribe who become your renewable source of energy
  • want to discover self care principles that are critical for your unfoldment

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From a woman on the awakening journey

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