Beautiful Beings,

The Age of Aquarius is well and truly alive and well. This epoch marks a distinct phase in human history. Today I wanted to share with you a real-life example of how the Age of Aquarius reveals itself.

The Age of Aquarius is symbolised by;

  • power to the people
  • freedom of speech
  • individuation and its role in contributing to the whole
  • bottom-up innovation

Last week, as a volunteer, I headed to the Law Courts to support Greenpeace in their mission to ultimately remove the use of coal-burning and its devastating impact on humanity and mother earth. 

AGL took Greenpeace to court not because Greenpeace’s claims are unwarranted but because of using their logo……I think everyone can see what’s really going on here!!!!

As of 08-06-21, Greenpeace defeated AGL, Australia’s biggest climate polluter, in the courts.

AGL’s decision to flex its legal might has had one major consequence……bad press!

This judgment is a victory for free speech, for people power, and for people like us who want to stand up to big polluting corporations to keep them accountable. It sets a powerful precedent that will help protect charities, advocacy organisations, and the general public from expensive and crippling litigation from big polluting corporations.

Greenwashing can longer be used to cover up the truth.

This scenario is such a great example of the Age of Aquarius. Greenpeace understands the value of all contributors including their volunteers, how to harness bottom-up innovation and the value of freedom of speech. They utilised all of these elements to achieve a greater goal for humanity.

Together we can do more, be more and live more.

If you would like to support Greenpeace with their vision, please click here

From one warrior to another!

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