Here we are straddling between the Piscean age and the incoming Aquarian age.

This overlap is when we are here to learn lessons from our ancestors and clear the way for the birthing of a new age, the age of LIGHT.

Before we each can move forward unencumbered, we need to learn our life lessons that traverse approximately 2600 years, which is the time of each age.

So how do we know what these lessons are?

For me, asking with a heartfelt desire was the first step. I did my best to remain open to hearing what came through my heart which opened the communication channel with my higher self.

If you are unsure how to do this, look to your ancestors. What struggles have they endured? What patterns of thinking or being do you see them playing out?

During the Piscean age of the Roman Empire (the old New World Order), fear prevailed over love which moved us deeper into separation.

The family of light who walked the earth as pillars of peace tried to show us what we needed to live in harmony with cosmic law. However, fear shaped our direction and led us down the illusion of the yellow brick road.

Our DNA holds the story of our ancestors, their fears, patterns and choices, and our own choices from lifetime to lifetime. However, if our ancestors experienced severe forms of shock and trauma, often the memories lie dormant or are erased from their DNA as a failsafe to enable the being to carry on living. I have found different types of body work such as Massage, Reiki, Rolfing, Shiatsu etc have a way of bringing forward glimpses of these feelings as they are released from the tissues in our body. Often, we experience crying as a way to connect us with our soul and sometimes we may not really understand why we are crying and perhaps it is because we are releasing trapped emotions passed on from our ancestors.

Additionally, as we receive more and more refined light on our planet, we may start to feel inclined to learn of our ancestors and what lessons in living they need closure from.

My ancestors are from the Middle East, a part of the world which holds a rich history and equally much destruction, resulting in sever impact to the mental body which manifested the “False King of Tyranny” archetypes such as control, competition, greed, manipulation, judgment and elitisim.

When I visited Lebanon in 2001, its natural beauty was seared with bullet holes and its people walking around with scared faces. When I visited my grandmother in the mountains, I could not sense that she and her community had spent much of their life in a war zone. They were so happy, loving and welcoming. As I sat amongst the snow-capped mountains and the ancient cedars, I listened to the elderly in the community and their stories. I wondered what it would’ve been like for me should my parents have returned to their birthplace. How would living in Lebanon shape me as a human being? How would that experience shape my perception of the world?

On one hand, I was amazed at how loving they were despite their daily struggles and equally how fear had conditioned them to act out an authoritarian culture. I found it hard to reconcile these two things. I saw and experienced their loving kindness and I also saw their conditioning towards poverty, patriarchal domination, control, manipulation and at times aggressive ways of communicating. It is no surprise given what I know about the NAA and their presence in the Middle East, particularly the role that Baalbek played as a launching site for their crafts. The NAA are back and are currently attempting to further destory the Middle East and the feminine and masculine principle with their anti-human agenda. What has happened to earth is not human.

From Lisa Renee at Energetic Synthesis
Tiamat was the ancient living Goddess of the 10th Gate, Iran-Iraq, when there was an Eden and she was the living intelligence gatekeeper to the Christ-Buddha-Avatar consciousness matrix. She was exploded into bits by the Moon Chain lineages that used her essence to recreate lunar forces to replicate her female essence into reversal formats. The destruction of Tiamat like a heaven and earth principle living together in perfect harmony, is synonymous with the destruction of sacred marriage or union of opposites, the split in the wall in time and the shift to patriarchal domination and its electron distortion. To keep this pain hidden and the female enslaved, the controllers keep excessive war and misogyny circulated in the previous areas of Eden in the areas of Iraq and Iran.”

Have you ever considered that perhaps one of the reasons you are here is to help heal your ancestors?

So, one day I sat down in the sun and started to recall what I observed during my trip to Lebanon, and I started to ask how these patterns were formed and if they had presented within me.

Once I was able to identify them as a neutral observer, I was able to change them by being grateful for the opportunity to be in a physical body, to witness them and to help set my soul and my ancestors free. I spent some time examining my thought processes and identifying the False King of Tyranny and its destructive thought patterns and how it dishonoured the mother principle.

As I started to make peace with this observation, I began to feel drawn to growing my food as my farming ancestors did. I saw the gratitude that came from my family as I prepared dishes from my ancestors. This projection of love helped heal the pain, fear and separation of my ancestors.

Once a upon a time the fertile crescent, modern-day IraqIsraelJordanLebanonPalestine, and Syria, together with northern Kuwait, south-eastern Turkey, western Iran and possibly Cyprus and northern Egypt was home to lush fertile land, with the city of Basra in southern Iraq our ancient Garden of Eden. It is where our sacred mother imbued the waters, the land and the people with love, creativity, beauty and wisdom. The fertile matriarchal influence was eradicated, and patriarchal influence took over the land leaving behind fragments and puzzle pieces that show glimpses into times gone by. Now Australia (Uluru) 6D gateway is the Mother’s Prototype getting ready to birth a new story as guardian teams collaborate and communicate with the Mayan and Aboriginal Timekeepers.

From Lisa Renee at Energetic Synthesis:

Basra is a city in southern Iraq and is the location of one of the pairs of the original 10D Stargate of the planetary Tree of Life. Basra was once filled with gorgeous water features, freshwater canals and fertile farmlands called the Venice of the Middle East. Sadly, after thousands of years of siege to destroy its stargate mysteries, now it has been ground down into the crumbling decay of a trash filled cesspool caused from the onslaught of the enemies’ blitzkrieg that comes with war and invasion. The ancient Sumerian home was once filled with the sacred krystal waters of the Triple Solar Sapphire Blue Ma’ ah Goddesses that inhabited the planet’s 10th Stargate Network. The 10th Stargate was a major battle ground because of its immense power source connected to the Christos frequency bandwidth transmitted by the Holy Mother Sophia in her sapphire body. Sacred historical relics, advanced architecture and beautiful art once told a piece of the angelic human evolutionary story, only to be pillaged and hidden.”

Humanity is a beautiful species and as we live, love and forgive, we record our own stories in our DNA and the ethers, attempting to cross the bridge to a new age, one that leads humanity to the age of LIGHT. The meek shall inherit the earth through the heart of God and the pathway is to Love thy Mother. 

Pleiadians say, “As you love and value yourself, it will become easier for you to love your lineage. Extending love to your ancestors will assist you in understanding their fears as well as the immensity of the project you have undertaken”`~ Family of Light, Barbara Marciniak, 1999.

I hold in my heart our Garden of Eden – my download in 2019, living as a big community in love, peace, abundance and knowing our true connection with our source.

Perhaps this history is a part of my story, acting as the bridge between my ancestors and I. From what was to what will be, returning our Garden into existence and honouring our mother once again. Birthing the possibility for Christ consciousness to return to our people and our land. Activating the living library of earth, asking the ancient cedars, the fertile crescent and Uluru to awaken once again. To remember the fertility of the land and ask the second-dimensional spirits, spirits of the Air elementals (Sylphs) , Water elementals (Undines), Fire elements (Salamanders), Nature elementals (Gnomes) and Aether to be restored into their wholeness, free to live and be as god intended and not to be misused to wreak havoc on the surface of our beloved jewel.

If you feel a calling, consider lying on the earth or sitting in nature and sending healing love to the elementals. Please wear your 12D shield before doing this and set a clear intention, say something like, “It is my intention as a God Sovereign Free being to share my light and offer sovereignty to all sentient life so we may all live as God intended, in peace, love and harmony upon the earth, as I speak so it shall be”. Imagine the brightest and purest solar light being sent out from your heart and reaching all of the nature spirits, offering them a way back home. We are all here on earth remembering how to make home in loving and responsible co-creation with a divine Mother and Father within us and relearning how to reconnect into our Source origins.

Lisa has said, “The path of awakening is to bring that which is unconscious into consciousness, in order to heal the darkness or reveal the deception in order to see the greater truth.”

Advice from the Pleiadians, “When life gets challenging, pause for a moment and tap into the resilience and strength of your ancestors, what kind of strength has led to you being here?”

I leave you with this quote, “I am feeling tremendous gratitude for all that I know, for the joy of remembering, and the courage to heal~ Path of Empowerment, Barbara Marciniak and Pleiadian Wisdom

My love I send you all.

Mention polarity integration – when identifying these tyrannt archetypes within our selves and others.

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