Family Of Light,

On January 24, 2020, in Davos Switzerland, the World Economic Forum hosted a session called, “When Humans Become Cyborgs”. 

That’s right….you read that correctly!

Not “If” but “When”

Unlike the host in the video above, I have no desire to become a cyborg because I value my god-given blueprint. 

Humans don’t need enhancement, we came created in the image of God, there is nothing that needs enhancing. We have everything we need within us. 

Being human = being a loving, compassionate, and empathic unique individual who is a spark of god consciousness. 

Becoming a cyborg strips us of all the qualities that make us loving beings who have a deep reverence for all of life. 

Becoming cyborgs is part of the planetary anti-human agenda that goes beyond what you can see with your physical third-dimensional eyes.

This is not limited to humans. Our animals are being used as test subjects as the controllers continue to perpetrate crimes against animals.

Hooking up our brain’s neuronal links into the hive net destroy’s our ability to be self-sovereign beings.

The controllers have used the influence of the mainstream media and the mass promotion of the academic-science-medical system to prepare the masses over the past hundred years through chemical, social, and genetic engineering programs to make the current generations much more susceptible to the idea of genetically modifying themselves to ultimately carry out transhumanist goals.

Cybernetics was popularised in academic circles after World War II. It became entrenched in science, academia, medicine, and even the entertainment industry.

This advanced non-visible technology is the silent energy war against humanity.

If we are not careful, our species as we know it could become extinct.

The end goal for the controllers is to use advanced non-visible technology such as artificial intelligence quantum programs, injected and sprayed chemicals, GMOs, and Nanotechnology to completely control the global population input and output levels at the push of a button. 

Right now we are a critical choice point in humanity’s evolution. 

Over the coming months and years, we each will be faced with many decisions connected to our humanness and human sovereignty that will create a ripple effect on the trajectory of our evolution as a species. 

Continue to be kind and loving towards yourself and others as you deeply connect with your loving heart and inner spirit.

Until next time…

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