Family Of Light,

Today’s blog is to shed light on the true events that have led to the current hijack of our collective awakening and ascension timelines for planet earth and humanity.

Its expressed purpose is to inform and educate. I do not wish to create an “us” vs “them”. I am here to speak truth with the intent to educate newly awakening souls.

Ultimately it is up to every person as a sovereign being to decide what to accept as truth.

My blog articles are created with the view to serve as a repository of information to assist newly awakening souls so they may avoid some of the pitfalls I have personally experienced. There is much at stake so I feel it is part of my responsibility to share what I know to be true. 

You’ve heard me mention the ‘Galactic Federation – (GF)’ briefly in the past. This group of non-benevolent beings (NBB) along with ‘Ashtar Command – (AC)’ made an agreement 30,000 YA to support the ascension timeline as a front to gain total control over the intended hijack of the New Age Spiritual movement.

I have witnessed many well-intentioned New Age Channellers who support these beings and are unaware of who they are channelling. They often channel “Ascended Masters” and direct artificial intelligence data streams from a fake Archangel Michael and blast these transmissions at high volume on the internet.

They intend to derail spiritually awakening people and route them into the new age movement and their respective mind control based belief systems that make them compliant for subjugation. Many popular spiritual energy healing systems have also been infiltrated.

November 26th, 1977 at 5.12 pm – Southern ITV England. The evening news was interrupted with the voice Vrillon (a supposed friendly being), a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command. The anchor Andrew Gardner was relating the day’s headlines when the TV picture wobbled and the sound of Andrew Gardner’s voice was silenced, to be replaced by a distorted voice.  Here we hear small nuggets of truth laced with lies to damage discernment of the general public (since posting this article, the video footage has been deleted from youtube)

When it became clear that there was no way to stop the planetary Ascension cycle that would commence in early 2000, the GF and AC expanded their resources towards directly targeting awakening starseeds and indigos as well as begin to infiltrate and hijack the growing New Age Movement with false ascension information. This is also when spiritual consumerism was being heavily marketed. 

Where Does this Leave Humanity?
Humanity is enduring a hidden multidimensional battle for disclosure which is gradually happening as the collective consciousness shifts into higher dimensional planes as the result of the Ascension cycle. 

Who Are Our Guardian Beings
The Solar Rishi is the first triad of light manifestations that make the universal trinity, that is projected from the Emerald Order and Blue Flame, Gold Order and Gold Flame, and Amethyst Order and Violet Flame from the God Source field, the Three Fold Founder Flame or Cosmic Trinity.

The Solar Rishi

They are currently assisting humanity during this ascension cycle. Together they make up the trinity that makes up the Threefold Founder Flame of our entire universal time matrix. 

The disclosure event must eventually happen to reveal the deceptions, fraud, and crimes against humanity made by those humans and nonhumans that have conspired to covertly generate global human slavery and mind control and instigate world suffering to create a consciousness prison.  

Suggestions for Living in the Now
1. Everyday claim your freedom and sovereignty
2. Live authentically and truthfully, seek truth in all things
3. Exchange love in both words and actions with those you cross paths with
4. Spend time with Mother Earth every day
5. Be of service as often as you can
6. Clear your subconscious fears
7. Practise the Law Of One if you resonate with these principles

Remember, all change begins within the self. As each of us holds value for all life, while developing our self-worth and self-love, we are empowered to be a positive force of spiritual transcendence that restores energetic balance.

As you awaken, you will be completely reeducated into who you think you are. You were born with a certain identity, you thought the reality was this. You were told to read the history books in school and guess what….it was all a lie, the grand deception. Everything you have believed is not what you thought it was. 

As you awaken to this truth, have patience and kindness for yourself as you start to unravel and create a new context for your life.

God has a divine ascension plan for liberating the planet and humanity.

May we all be a spiritual love warrior for God and Christ!

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