Family Of Light,

This year is the pinnacle of the planetary ascension initiation that is imposing a personal spiritual initiation as a great consciousness shift and transformational change being made upon us all.

This initiation may be experienced by the surfacing of obsolete dysfunctional programs that either manifest in situations or are released from your cellular body through physical symptoms. This may trigger a dark night of the soul which may feel deeply uncomfortable as you witness unpleasant truths. 

This can bring extreme chaos to your life conditions if you remain fixated on these unhealthy patterns and don’t make an effort to change your lifestyle. This is a radical time of change and personal transformation, in which we must learn to let go of obsolete or unhealthy ways of being.

Although you may not feel it in the moment, this initiation, or spiritual awakening is truly a gift. 

In my video today I share the current planetary perceptions, my personal story and I gift you the AWAKENING PATH.

This is a comprehensive pdf that contains the key twelve stages of an awakening that I went through during my lived experience.  

My wish is that it helps you embody more of your true authentic spirit.

Remember to hold steadfast in your connection with God. 
May our sacred crystal hearts stay wide open for each other as we lean into this collective and personal experience.

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