Family Of Light,

Are you feeling like you’ve lost your direction?

Are relationships dissolving in your life?

Have you lost your job?

What if these changes are divinely directed?

What if the universe is asking you to shift and evolve into a more aligned and advanced state of being?

For the past few years, I have felt an undercurrent brewing. I have sensed a shift in consciousness taking place on a wider scale. Our evolution is unfolding and more and more women are awakening.

As a collective, we are going through a transformational process of reawakening and reconnecting to our true selves. This reawakening LOOKS like CHAOS and FEELS like a tornado that has barrelled through your life, uprooted all the structures that you had identified with as your source of security and identity.

For the light of the bigger truth of who you are to come in, you need to make room for that – and this is the journey of the ego death.

In this two hour in-person workshop we will;

? EXPLORE why your awakening (Dark night of the soul) is necessary and how it will lead you to greater clarity, peace, and divine purpose.

? EXAMINE the fork in the road and why you are feeling this push and pull between your false personality ego and your true soul self.

? LEARN how Chiron is shifting your identity so you can make peace with your awakening.

? UNDERSTAND the greater purpose of these dissolving energies and how they are preparing you for the Age of Aquarius as we move to New Earth.

For us to arrive at self mastery, we must become painfully aware of how we have been living out of balance with our soul self.

Now it’s time to let go of the old stories and attachment to who you thought you were.

If you would like to learn more about why these shifts are occurring and how to best manage them, come and join me and other souls for our in person workshop July 31st. Click here for more details

My light I send you

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