Today February 1st, 2024, I woke and walked to the kitchen and looked out to my garden. I noticed a quiet stillness. I didn’t see any flowers moving or trees swaying, even the air felt still. There was this still calmness that reminded me of Didirri (Da-De-Re).

I first came across this Aboriginal teaching a few years ago during my dark night of the soul. It came into my awareness as I was spending long stretches of time sitting with my great mother.

Dadirri explained much of my journey within. There were days I wondered how long this phase would go on for and when would this feeling of emptiness and separation would end?

Dadirri “awakens our spirit, our being”, its the awakening of our baby spirit, and its innocence”. It is a time when we can start to ask our being questions such as;

  • Who am I?
  • Where did I come from?
  • Why am I here?
  • Of all the places in the world, why did I choose to be born in Australia or America?

As we start to inquire on the soul, slowly we let go of the mind and move into our heart and here we can listen to the whispers.

In time I saw the beauty.

  • I learned to wait and listen
  • I learned to accept the here and now

Our original people introduce themselves to country, they touch the soil, they sing, talk or dance and say, “Hello, I am here, you are me and I am you”.

There is no separation.

In a previous post I talked about how to cultivate a garden that grows fruit and vegetables based on your bodies needs. By touch and talking to the plants, they will sense what your body and cells need so your body may come into balance.

When you walk through a forest, the forest registers who you are, “Oh here’s Julie”, the forest says. The forest reads your energy signature and sends out a call to all trees and plants so they conspire to balance your energy field- what do you think about that? do you think its possible?Barbara Marciniak via Pleiadians.

Interestingly Carl Jung, was obsessed with the Australian Aborigine. Jung also estimated that the Australian Aborigine spent three to four hours a day meeting their survival needs. But where Jung felt that the Australian Aborigines were unique among the world’s indigenous peoples was how they utilised the overwhelming majority of their time. According to Jung, they spent that time almost exclusively cultivating a higher state of consciousness.

We have so much to learn from our original people that ultimately walk us back to the Law of One, the Law of Love. Love for great Mother, love for eachother, love with animals, trees, plants and all we have been.

Great Mother is calling us all back, back to her heartbeat, back to her love, back to her womb of creation.

As Lisa says, “We are eternal beings remembering the natural flows that we are a part”.


Energetic Synthesis: Indigenous peoples, Native Americans, Aborigines, Tibetans and the Celtic peoples are the earth tribes which carried the codes of the dreamwalkers in time and were helping to protect the earth, by keeping this genetic pattern alive and its memory available for the human race during the Dark Age.

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