Beautiful Souls,

Talking about our emotions is still challenging for many adults.

Humanity has long repressed its emotions because of the perceived weakness.

It’s time for the emotional body to be in the spotlight because the keys to our freedom, sovereignty, and ascension lie in the emotional body. 

Everything that has been suppressed, rejected, pushed down and denied needs to come to the surface to be healed.

During my dark night of the soul I was able to deal with my child hood wounds and bring myself back to a place of self love. Most of my adult life I had suffered with Anaemia. Since my spiritual awakening September 2018, I have never been sick and have never felt more alive and well. So the message here is, “You need to feel to heal”.

Over the past twelve years of working with clients, I started to see patterns around emotions and how they would manifest in the body.

So let’s look at various emotional states and how they manifests in the body

Anaemia: Not recognising one’s self-value.

Arthritis: Holding on to something/someone very tightly.

Cancer: Sevre hate and or resentment / anger toward another individual, but not expressing it openly.

Colds: indecisiveness, need to make a decision and not doing so, feeling sorry for yourself.

Colitis and Elimination Problems: over-attachment, not releasing situations.

Diabetes: Lack of sweetness / love in your life.

Ulcers: Are you allowing others to control you?

Foot, Leg or Hip Pain: Not going in the right direction.

Heart Attack: Feeling pressured by responsibility.

Lower/Middle Back: Not feeling supported.

Upper Back, Neck and Shoulder Tension: Carrying other people’s problems.

Prostate Disorders: Dysfunction or misuse of power.

I hope you found this just as eye-opening as I did when I stumbled across this information. 

Please write to me and let me know if you resonate with this. 

Love and blessings from a woman on the awakening journey.  

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