Hello Beautiful Beings,

This has been one of the most challenging and equally liberating years of my life.

This year, everything became crystal clear. Finally after much soul searching, deep honest self investigation and acceptance, I have finally set myself free.

**Free from programming and conditioning that had scrambled my signal to my soul. 

**Free from over-giving and people-pleasing that has allowed others to be in charge of my unraveling.

**Free from people, places, and things that have asked me to dim my light just so I could fit in.

The universe has had me in a pressure cooker. As a capricorn rising and moon at 21 degrees and 19 degrees respectively, I was sandwiched between all the major planets that were stationed in Capricorn at 22 degrees for over a year. I’ve been learning major life lessons from Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter.

When I looked at my chart prior to 2020, I knew the universe was coming for me. There was no place to hide anymore so I braced myself. I knew that I would be compressed in ways that I hadn’t experienced before. 

My whole awakening journey has been heavily guided and I am so grateful to God for helping me find the riches within myself.

My awakening is a gift from the universe. It didn’t  look like it and it didn’t feel like it but in time I came to see the gift it is.

**It’s time to remove the outdated programs running in the background and install the upgrades.

**It’s time to put yourself first so you can go on to serve in bigger and bolder ways.

**It’s time to release yourself from the cage and fly towards freedom.

Now I am fully ready to go forth and heal others as they travel their awakening path. 

My light I send you

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