Family of Light,

Our planet continues to receive an abundant pouring of solar activity delivering new codes of consciousness onto our beloved planet. This outpouring of solar energy is triggering the next waves of awakening.

More and more people are chatting to me in my local community and I can see they are having a heart opening.

When we don’t have a framework and a deeper understanding for what is transpiring on our planet and within ourselves, it’s very easy to move into despair and not acknowledge the gift lying buried beneath the surface.

Recently I was in the supermarket and the mother of my mechanic started to cry as she recalled her sons recent illness and the impact it has had on his young family. We hugged each other in the middle of the store as volumes of people were clamering for their easter eggs.

This week I was walking back from my run and my neighbour was telling me about his wife’s recent fall that found her in hospital for several weeks recovering from the insertion of a steel rod. He started to cry because he was waking 5-6 times a night trying to help his aging wife as he himself was struggling to meet this new need.

More people are moving into the 4th chakra and although having a heart opening is a wonderful experience, often it comes packaged under the guise of sickness, uphevel and stress.

My dismantling from my corporate life and further from my business, left me bewildered to say the least. Why would God do this to me?

My heart opening was just what I needed to come back to my spirit, the eternal part of me that I didn’t really comprehend. I had to learn the art of surrender and learn how to trust my spirit, my higher self.

We are all leaving 3D living in one way or another.

In Taurus, Uranus brings uphevel to our habits and comfort.

Our mother is calling us back, back to her womb of creation to co-create in loving and responsible ways for the betterment of all.

Its not about ME, MYSELF and I anymore! Its about the whole. We cannot be O.K if some of our neighbours do not have food, if some of our community members have no shelter.

With the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus April 20th-21st, 2024, we will be activated to dismantle structures and ways of living that do not serve the greater whole. These structures may appear as thought patterns that are not sustainable any longer. It might appear as the need to change jobs because you feel so depleted and out of sync. Either way, this energy will be LIBERATING!

Image courtesy of Astrotheme

There are no CHOSEN people to do this for us. If we are on planet Earth then we are all chosen to do this work because we are all from source, from prime creator.

No more sitting on the sidelines, hoping and praying that someone or something is going to save us. We are the ones who will save ourselves and it will be through the love and wisdom of our HEART.

On a cosmic level, the rehabilitation and reclamation of the Uranus Galactic Gate by the Cosmic Father is a major milestone for planetary liberation as the newly operational UranusStargate Network is set in motion. – courtesy of Lisa Renee- Energetic Synthesis.

Remember it is through the heart that all healing and miracles can occur.

I love you

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