Hi Beautiful Beings,

My awakening journey started in January 2018.  Here’s a snippet of my story.

During this time, I started to document my entire journey because it was like nothing I had experienced before. 

I started to unhinge and dismantle from all the third-dimensional structures that I had identified as a source of security. I “woke up” from the dream of every day, ego-based awareness, and mundane living to a higher reality of spirit. I had no map or instruction set that told me what to do. 

The word awakening sounds so profound but don’t be fooled!

Just as my community and I discovered, the journey is brutal, it is messy, it forces you to look at all your shadows, it brings up all your unresolved wounds, and shows you how your ego has been running the show.

Awakening doesn’t come wrapped up in lovely wrapping paper with a ribbon on top. It’s more like a tornado, it barrels in, uproots everything in your life, and leaves you in silence to pick up the pieces.

In the coming posts, I’ll be sharing with you the main reasons why many people avoid the awakening path, the unparalleled benefits people receive should they choose the awakening path, and more about our AWAKENING CommUNITY and the map I created to help my soul family.

Until next time;

My light I send you.

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