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When I went through my spiritual awakening in January 2018, I felt like my whole world was going through significant change. After I did deep inner work, went through my ego death and my dark night of the soul, I turned to astrology to help me more deeply understand all the layers of what I was experiencing. 

I found it tremendously powerful because I was able to learn about my life path, my gifts and my passions. It gave confirmation to what I had felt within. It showed me more of an expansive view of my life. 

Since seeing its influence in my life, I started to pay attention to how the planets were affecting us on a collective level. It was obvious that 2020 was going to be a revolutionary year based on the astrology and now I see it playing out.

As a human race we are going to be observing an extraordinary social phenomena.

We are waking up from the pandemic and starting to look at the world around us through a new lens.

On some level we will all be going through a de-programming process.

We are looking around and seeing;

  • relationships dissolve
  • corporate structures change and
  • family dynamics evolve.

Right now we have 5/8 planets in retrograde and we will experience 3 eclipses in 5 weeks (brace yourself, because this is monumental).

What does this mean for you?

Retrogrades ask us to hit pause in our life and review, reassess, and revise our paths in the areas ruled by these planets. It’s a chance to review what we have learned while these planets were direct. Its time to realign with our inner compass and truth while these planets are in retrograde.

The eclipses bring on sudden endings and beginnings. The polarising energies are creating this PUSH / PULL between your external reality and your inner sanctum.

If you are not cognisant of what is happening around you and are not grounded and rooted in your true sense of self, it will feel like you are going through the eye of the tornado.

During our FREE workshop on Re-identification Of Self we will:

  • Look at how these retrograde planets and eclipses will impact your sense of self and your ecosystem (family, work, relationships and community).
  • Assist you in seeing if you are in alignment with your true self and if your current ecosystem is supporting your true self?
  • Identify programming around what you have been told you have to do, what you’ve been programmed to think you need to do and what your perceived obligations are vs your desires, what you are being called to and what your soul wants.

Right now you may feel like you are at a crossroad. You know you have changed in a deep way. The past no longer resonates and the future is unknown.

BUT remember, the greatest opportunities arise when all is unknown. It is during uncertain times that AWAKENING is ASSURED.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to join our awakening community during this free on-line event.

Love and blessings from a woman on the awakening journey.

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