Family Of Light,

As of 21.12. 20 we will be transitioning into the Age of Aquarius

What does this mean for you?

We are moving from one astrological age to another. This is a monumental event as each epoch marks a distinct phase in human history. This happens approximately every 2100 years. We are leaving behind the Age of Pisces which was about “blending in” and transitioning into the Age of Aquarius which is about “individuation”.

The Age of Aquarius means we are each committed at a deeper soul level to:

  • understanding ourselves
  • what we are here to do differently
  • what we are here to do individually and
  • how we can share and offer that to the world.

Now the universe is asking you at a human and soul level – WHO AM I!

2020 has been about self de-construction, de-conditioning, and ego death. 2021 and beyond is about the re-identification of self. No longer do you have to do what you thought you had to do or be who you thought you needed to be to fit in. It’s about stepping away from the pack so you can find your true self, your unique gifts, and share them with the world.

This has been my experience for the past three years. My awakening journey was a series of stages where I went through a death and rebirth experience. As a guide and forerunner, I experience things before the collective. I am here to share my wisdom with those who are ready to embrace what the universe has in store for us in the coming decade and beyond.

Since coming out the other end of this awakening path, I can honestly say it was ALL worth it. I have set myself FREE.

  • Free from programming and conditioning that scrambled my signal to my soul.
  • Free from over-giving and people-pleasing that allowed others to be in charge of my unraveling.
  • Free from people, places, and things that asked me to dim my light just so I could fit in.

I’m here as a messenger and guide to help women realign to their soul purpose and achieve self-mastery so they can call in;

  • Healing
  • Their unique gifts
  • Abundance
  • Purpose 
  • Self-mastery and
  • Freedom

Don’t be afraid to chart a new course for yourself, the energies on the planet are here to support you in taking a leap of faith.

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It’s time to be the person the world is waiting for!

My light I send you.

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