Light Bearers,

What you might not know is that Earth is going through a changing of the guard.

We are moving from the old archaic 3D separation model to pure divine crystalline light to revitalise our true essence, sovereignty, independence and soul origins.

The amount of light in our world is now summoning the rise of new light leaders to the surface of human consciousness.

Some of these light leaders may not even yet know that they are being called to lead the new earth reset, restructuring and restoration.

The invitations have been activated around July 2019. If you feel called as a light leader, I invite you to step forward, humanity needs you.

As the old guard continues to fail and fall away, the new team of light leaders will step into their divine missions.

Light leadership, love leadership and unity consciousness are seeding this new earth so planet earth can return to the Garden of Eden.

Those leading the 3D matrix who are not of the vibrational integrity and frequency will recede and the old guard will continue to fail and fall away as the new team of light leaders rise into their roles to help support humanity to become whole, well, healed, alive, thriving and abundant again. (can you see the vibrations in these words?)

This is a truly transformational time in our history.

The new collaborative, team-oriented, unity consciousness energies are rising and taking their place. This is divine precision. Humanity will return to the gold standard of living and being on earth.

Expect profound change.

Things will change in an unstoppable, profound and irreversible way.

When the snowball starts, there will be no going back.

The  comfort and the “ignorance is bliss” mentality will be changing.

This will be a steadily unsettling time of becoming aware of what is known, that has been known and that is just now becoming known to those just waking up.

And those who are already awake, they will continue to unfold as they learn of their higher mission.

August 2019 ushered in greater light and transformative power.

So light leaders, I invite you to set forward and be the way-showers in your families, friendship groups, teams, and neighborhoods. 

Welcome to the new earth and our new Garden Of Eden.

I’m so excited!!!!!!

Love and blessings from a woman on the awakening journey.  

Your Light Leader

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