Family of Light and Dark,

This journey has helped me understand the true meaning of unity, where separation is an illusion. Light and Dark both exist on a slice of the continuous light spectrum, all connected. So I welcome you, my family of Light and Dark, may we unite under our Prime Creator’s eternal light remembering our piece in the re-creation of our beloved Mother Earth. If anyone reading this post is unsure why they are here at this precious time on Earth, then it is to remember LOVE. Start here, love yourself first and then it will naturally and organically move to into the frequency of loving others, and loving Mother Earth. Loving yourself is the gateway back to Unity with all.

For me the light indeed informs the dark and the dark informs the light. Without this contrast how could we learn and progress along our soul’s evolutionary journey? Earth is a free-will zone and we often choose to come here to learn many lessons, however, we have also been held in place by forces who wish to see us reincarnating in the astral realm, reincarnating into bloodlines and personality egos we have played many times before. Ultimately this lifetime is the journey to oneness, where our DNA will start to dance and spiral back into the great remembering, beyond our old stories, old archetypes and limitations of the double helix.

Given there is no separation, how is it that we perfectly box ourselves into astrological signs? How have these archetypes impacted our consciousness and ego?

What I share with you in this post may trigger resistance within you. I intend to share and inform you, please do what you will with this information. I am not here to preach but to share what feels like truth for me in the hope that it will assist others on their awakening path. This information may not resonate at this moment, however as I have encountered, information comes my way when my soul is ready to hear and receive it.

I can see how my birth imprint (Western Astrology) was designed to keep me stuck playing out old broken patterns in myself and through my ancestral line. On the surface I thought, “Why have I chosen this bloodline”?

When studying astrology, I went on a journey that had me go back and forth questioning my reality, my current truth of experience and my desire to know the truth. As I dived into this quest, I found several patterns and elements which kept appearing;

  • The Cross
  • The Number 13 and
  • The significance of our Sun

Within Western and Sidereal astrology, some aspects didn’t seem to add up. While sitting with this continual inner questioning, I started to receive insights from varying pieces of information that took me beyond my current understanding and into the lines of time and out into the Milky Way galaxy exploring our cosmic plane.

How The Quest Started

It seemed strange to me that the conjunction between Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn on Januray 12th, 2020 happened to fall on the exact degree of my ascendant according to Western astrology. At first, my naive self thought, “How synchronistic….what are the odds!”. Now part of me knows that I may have chosen my bloodline to come and witness how my ancestors have digressed away from the truth of God’s eternal light and to bring awareness of this and try to unify the light and the dark to help heal the schisms in our DNA. The other part of me knows it’s time to move on and let go of the existing system of Western astrology and allow the constellations of the cosmos to morph, ebb and flow on a continuous journey away from the boxes of separation.

My ancestors are loving beautiful people who had lost their way as we all have. They were led down the path of controlled religion, exhibiting anger, rage, war, destruction, competition and greed. When I visited the land of my ancestors many years ago I could not resonate with the people’s ways of being and thinking.

For me to understand these schisms I had to be exposed to them and to also take them on. How can we heal something if we cannot see or admit to it being broken? Perhaps I have come in this lifetime to hold space during this dark eon and to bring light to the dark and observe the contrast so I can decide for myself and my family to alchemically transform these ancestral patterns.

It has been the galactic zodiac that has helped me arrive at this understanding. Early on along my soul’s journey I felt like my magnetic birth imprint was used to suppress my consciousness and to keep me stuck, playing out old archetypal patterns and dynamics which now I can see was a necessary part of my growth. I can also see how Western astrology, if not aware can keep us stuck, limiting our potential unless we expand our consciousness to re-learn the true science of Astrology where we are not perfectly boxed into 30 degrees of one sign but rather how we overlap and travel all constellations learning about all aspects of alchemy through the signs to unify the light and dark, the masculine and feminine. Lisa Renee states that, “Astrological related magnetic overlays have been unnatural, distorted and represented lower self potential polarity”. Part of me knows that my birth imprint was unnatural and distorted and I have woken up to this. The other part of me knows that there is growth and learning in everything, no experience is ever wasted!

I turned to Lisa Renee, the person who has been the most ethical and consistent and read her blog articles about the Galactic Zodiac and Deconstruction of the Cross which provided a framework that helped me put these many pieces together that felt like truth for me.

Since this time, I have read a book called, Ästrology of the 13 signs of the zodiac- Vasilis Kanatas, 2012 that provided a greater understanding of Astrology and how it has been used in the past and present time to suppress our consciousness. In addition, I have come across another book called, An Introduction to Astronomical Astrology, by Nick Anthony Fiorenza, 2015, which walks us through Astronomical Astrology, showing us how humanity has been stuck in an outdated astrology that has not kept up with the movement of the constellations based on the movement of the precessional cross.

To round out my comprehension and understanding, I discovered Dr Percy Seymour and his special area of study which was the magnetic fields in the Milky Way Galaxy. His work provided me with a wider perspective on our universe and our connection to it through the magnetic waves of frequency coming from our sun and its sun spots (seemed quite timely given the massive X Class Flares Earth has received along with May’s epic auroras in 2024).

In this post, I will attempt to bridge the pieces of information together and shed light on the Galactic zodiac – a 13 constellation Universal Time calendar to assist us on this ascension path. As of 2013, Humanity started to align with the Galactic zodiac as we travel this evolutionary cycle, bringing us back to our inherent birthright and the possibility of ascension and consciousness expansion (not suppression).

History of Astrology, all from Lisa Renee –

  • The galactic zodiac is a 13 constellation Universal Time calendar not 12. The deliberate omission of the 13the sign was designd to prevent our Mother Arc (Aqua Marine Ray) of the 13th Gate from reconnecting with her children on Earth. Our mother is here and Australia is a prototype for the Mother Arc energy.
  • The current Western Gregorian Time Calendar has been controlled by the NAA forces, since the Council of Nicea agreed upon a date for the celebration of Easter Sunday in 325 AD. 
  • All human beings were incarnated into the 3D timeline with the Catholic Gregorian Calendar or other Calendars and Astrological related magnetic overlays that have been unnatural, distorted or represented as lower self potential polarities. It is important to study these imprints and overlays as a part of understanding where one’s personality and ego patterns have been influenced in one’s consciousness and body parts.
  • Astrology as a science, not entertainment horoscopes, reveal the magnetic imprint that influences our consciousness into archetypal patterns, both at the personal and global levels of human behaviour.
  • Western tropical astrology, has long been detached from the constellations relating to the zodiac signs, due to the axial precession of the equinoxes over the centuries, since the introduction of the zodiac by the Chaldeans in Babylonia, now Southern Iraq. Ancient Babylonians had 13 constellations but wanted only 12, so they removed Ophiuchus, the wisdom holder. The constellation of Libra didn’t even enter the astrological sciences until the era of Julius Caesar. This same 12 month based zodiac is currently the most common astrology system used for Western astrologers.
  • Both of these systems have been generally used to suppress consciousness and suppress true knowledge of the Stars and humanities relationship to the Stars. This is similar to saying that without an appropriate model for humanities evolutionary development to be free to expand consciousness, these systems are used to repeat broken patterns and remain stuck in the old timelines, created by the False Gods of Religion. 
  • The 13 sign zodiac is based upon the astrological signs which correspond directly to the time the Sun spends in their related constellations.
  • When we study astrological patterns, we are studying magnetic imprints that are relevant to the function of our bodily layers, we can then determine those patterns that influence our higher or lower spiritual nature, and then decide to make corrections. Thus, proper use of the science of astrology allows us to better determine if we are accurately living in our true spiritual nature and potential, it informs us of our lessons and challenges, as well as what we came to the earth to resolve and transcend.
  • At this time our planet and group identities stationed in time are undergoing stages of the deconstruction of the cross in our physical body, spiritual bodies and other matter life forms, that have been impacted by planetary crucifixion.
  • The Cardinal Grand Cross is an astrological event that describes four planets that square up at exactly 90 degree angles to one another hence forming a Grand Cross in our celestial skies.
  • In this Grand Cross alignment Pluto is in Capricorn at thirteen degrees, Mars is in Libra at 13 degrees, Jupiter is in Cancer at thirteen degrees, and Uranus is in Aries at thirteen degrees. All are at thirteen degrees of separation which prepare our planet for the 13 stages of the Galactic Zodiac and begins the deconstruction of the cross architecture on the planet.
  • This opens the gateway to reveal that the Mother of God returns to reclaim her Children on earth
  • This is the time to transcend the cultural, political, religious and patriarchal framework that is built upon fear, the spiritual oppression kept in place through the cross theology. (Janette – It is my belief that Jesus was not cruxified on the cross as religion tells us. This imagery and story has been used to keep humanity cruxified and unable to access our birthright to ascension and to keep us stuck in past timelines)
  • The crisis we are facing in ourselves, humanity and the planet is the crisis of consciousness. 
  • When we can understand what the cross theology symbolises and what it is, we can fully participate with the deconstruction of the cross within ourselves, thus ending our own experience of consciousness crucifixion.
  • Religion was created by the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) to keep these cross implants and their religious belief systems of mind control in place.
  • All human beings have been incarnated with crucifixion implants which impale their left side and prevent the spiritual consciousness from expanding biologically. As we awaken and remember, we are able to remove these implants and their impacts from our consciousness.
  • The Cross and its NAA religious theology were borne upon a spiritually crucified humanity that had forgotten their past, forgotten how to access their spiritual consciousness and forgotten their true star origins.
  • We are now entering an evolution phase in which the natural laws and records of humanities origin are being restored to the planet’s energetic architecture through the star constellations.
  • The accepted time tables of both science and religion to explain humanities origin has digressed humanity backwards in time, stunting consciousness and species evolution, rather than progressing forward.
  • Now our planet is aligning to a new time calendar which is defined by the Cosmic Calendar that holds the record of our true origin and connects with our true God Source. 
  • We came to earth to become conscious enough to awaken in order to collect and reclaim these aspects of ourselves back into wholeness with God.
  • All men and women of this earth are equal in their God connection and equal in their potential to evolve into a Sovereign Christos-Sophianic being.
  • Each constellation represents an astrological sign that responds to a certain frequency tone and color wave. Some of these frequency tones blend together and are harmonious, while others clash into discordance and distortion. 
  • When incarnated into a physical human form, we evolve through the stages of the Precession of the Equinoxes.
  • As the Sun moves through each constellation, we receive frequency exchanges of intelligent instruction sets that are designed for the human body to evolve towards increasing DNA activation and spiritual ascension.
  • The astrological signs contribute a specific law of structure that is incorporated within each part of the human body from head to toe, inside and outside. Moreover, planets and the existing cosmos in space are directly correlated with certain parts of the body that are designed to overall unify the layers of consciousness structures.
  • From the Guardian perspective, the Galactic Zodiac includes another important constellation called Ophiuchus, which is the missing 13th constellation that acts as the unifier and trine force for all of the other twelve constellations during the Ascension Cycle. 
  • The human bodily form represents the movement that is made through the precession of equinoxes, with each astronomical and astrological principle having direct relevance to our physical and spiritual anatomy. 
  • In the previous cycles, the spiritual blueprint of humanity included many squares and oppositions in the birth imprint from certain planetary or constellation conjunctions that generated disharmony, discordance and distress (Janette – explains the Pluto and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn stated above). These oppositional forces placed limitations upon the spirit, and resulted in a variety of spiritual oppressions, miasmatic patterns and karmic burdens.
  • The earth body also has its own blueprint that is made up from the collective consciousness records of humanity, so when incarnating into a timeline on the earth, we are also imprinted with the karmic burdens of the collective consciousness imprint at the time of incarnation.
  • These discordant frequencies in the birth imprint can be described as the vicious circle, the challenging oppositional patterns that bring intense conflicts between the personality and the higher self.
  • In 2013 we began the Ophiuchus transmissions, which are to be simply understood as the flow of harmony and divine grace towards humankind during the ascension cycle. This allows for many releases in the intense squares of opposition recorded in the original birth blueprint and helps to restore the karmic pattern back into a more gentle flow of harmonious and aligned frequencies.
  • The divine water fire of Ophiuchus transmissions is designed to better harmonize the elements present in the body through the release and clearing of discordant patterns of opposition back into the trine field, unity or what’s called the peacemaker pattern.
  • When we are informed and aware about what we are facing on earth, we automatically have the personal power of choice and consent, which allow us to return back to align with the natural laws.
  • Our Great Work is that we connect to our essential divinity within, to become one with God spirit on the earth. This IS the true divine alchemy of our spiritual initiation and soul purpose during the Spiritual Ascension.
  • The impostor spirits attempt to imitate, clone and hijack the true divine inheritance of the Christ consciousness. They want to play God without purifying themselves in the Alchemical Law,
  • The purification of embodying and achieving the full divinity of Christos-Sophia in matter, is symbolic of incorruptible wisdom, love and power.
  • This is spiritually realized by uniting both coherent intellectual thinking of the masculine, left brain activity, with our direct intuitive knowing of the open and loving heart of the feminine, right brain activity. This alchemical transformation is made possible through the sacred marriage or the hierogamic union of Christos-Sophia, united within our consciousness and then in our body. They are the Son and Daughter of God principle and act as One unified body, mind and heart.  The Christos-Sophia represents the marriage of divine perfection inherent in the Natural Alchemical Laws, through which God’s spirit manifests its Art throughout the Universal creation. The original divine human template of the inner Christos-Sophia is made in Gods image and its intentions are the true divine will upon the earth.
  • To connect with inner spiritual alchemy, one must extract the artificial machinery and intentionally remove the inorganic states of being that may have been programmed within the self.
  • The Alchemical Laws are divinely expressed through a series of electromagnetic pulsations and frequency transmissions, which are now connected into the star constellations through the Aurora Ray System. This is evolving our Zodiac to fulfill the alchemical principles of the Natural Laws, hosted by the Master Christos Collective. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually 13 zodiacal constellations, and during this next cycle, these 13 principles or Laws, will transmit through our Sun.
  • These stages of transmitting alchemical forces to aid consciousness evolution are qualities, which have never been previously exposed to this planet. This is allowing the Alchemical Laws of consciousness evolution to be transmitted through the constellations, which are inherently a part of the organic processes of planetary biological ascension. Previously most of these stellar forces have been obstructed from being exposed to the lower atmosphere of the earth, via the nets of alien machinery. The Auroras are the plasma light fields of the Master Christos Collective from the next Universe, which are building the Zodiac stellar architecture to host the planetary ascension.
  • The crucifixion implants are designed to suppress Christ-Sophia consciousness from embodying on this earth.
  • The NAA agenda stopped all true spiritual sciences and prevented the natural laws on earth from working their organic process of biological ascension alchemy. The biological alchemy process is inherently the spiritual initiation and development of humanities consciousness evolution or Ascension. Therefore, the Zodiac rings of constellations and Astronomy are a spiritual science that are a direct part of the mechanics of planetary spiritual ascension and evolving consciousness in time.  

References from


Astrology of the 13 signs of the zodiac – by Vasilis Kanatas , 2012

  • The astrological chart based on Ptolemy’s theory suggests that there are 12 constellations each divided into equal parts along the ecliptic of 30-degree intervals which is incorrect and does not include Ophiuchus. Note: the intervals of the constellations are not equally distributed as in Western astrology. For example, the arc length of Scorpio is 6.6 degrees and in Leo, it is 35.8 degrees. – Source – International Astronomical Union (IAU).
  • The positions of the zodiac constellations on the ecliptic have changed since 100AD when Ptolemy formulated his theory.
  • Because of the precession of the equinoxes, many of the characteristics attributed to the old signs of the zodiac have moved.
  • Only in 13 Zodiac Astrology do the positions of the planets coincide with their actual positions.
  • According to Western astrology, my sun is in Scorpio and my ascendent is in Capricorn. However reading Lisa’s post and Vasilis book, I am a Libra Sun and Sagittarius Ascendent. This has helped explain so many things that never seemed to add up with Western astrology. I can also see how these placements are assisting me in reaching my higher soul potential.
  • Vasilis uses Virgo as an example. It occupies a 44-degree arc length so in comparison to Western astrology, it would take on 100% of the characteristics of Libra, about 20% of Virgo characteristics and 25% of the old Scorpio.
  • He introduces the concept of sunspots as an astrological parameter. Based on the number of sunspots at the time of your birth can indicate a tendency towards certain temperamental characteristics.
  • He theorises that for example, a child born under a “naturally balanced” sign can be irritable and wild due to a high number of sunspots at birth. Very timely given the recent solar storms and X class flares we have experienced in May/ June 2024.

An Introduction to Astronomical Astrology, by Nick Anthony Fiorenza, 2015

As Nick suggests, shifting from sign-based astrology (whether tropical or sidereal) to the detailed clarity
of star–based astrology is much like adjusting an out of focus camera lens to crystal clarity.

  • The changing relationship between the moving vernal axis and the fixed galactic axis creates the “Cycle of the Precessional Cross.” At this time in Earth’s precessional cycle, the vernal axis is exactly perpendicular to the galactic equatorial axis creating a perfect cross in the ecliptic—the erect Precessional Cross.
An Introduction to Astronomical Astrology, by Nick Anthony Fiorenza, 2015

Dr Percy Seymour – Astrophysicist and respected authority in the field of cosmic magnetism

  • The Sun, Moon, and planets telegraph their effects to us via magnetic signals.
  • Seymour proposes that the planets raise tides in the gases of the Sun, creating sunspots and their particle emissions, which then travel across interplanetary space to strike Earth’s magnetosphere, ringing it like a bell. These planetary magnetic signals are then perceived by the neural network of the fetus inside the mother’s womb, heralding the child’s birth.


While I still have many questions about Astrology, one thing is certain, we are connected to the sun, moon, planets, stars and constellations and now we are in a time of remembering this great unity!

As Lisa has said, “It is time to remember the past so we can heal the present and change the future“.

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