“We sanctify that which we do by the dedication of our life, to be conscious that all one’s actions are in the presence of  God and that every action affects all of mankind.

So, your life is no longer trivial. The fact that you are on a river fishing, as you look over and you appreciate the beauty of that river and the surroundings, your appreciation of that beauty is radiating out and lifting all of mankind.

So, even if you sit in the rowboat, thinking that you are doing nothing, your acknowledgment of the beauty of creation itself is an act of sanctifying all of life and affirming its value and increasing its value. And that’s how the consciousness-level of mankind evolves because those who are more conscious tend to lift all of mankind.

We said that the top of the levels of consciousness are numerically small but their power outweighs all the rest of the population. One person who dedicates himself to life, sees the sacredness of all of life, and thereby sanctifies all of life as they go about the day, is lifting the consciousness of thousands of other people.

Somewhere in Africa, some little kid is lying there, slowly dying of starvation and AIDS and out of it’s hopelessness, grief, and apathy, somewhere there is a little spark of hope and death is OK. Where does that come from? It came from the fisherman sitting there, appreciating the beauty.

You see, because the context of life is nonlinear, so, in the infinite quantum potentiality, every intention on your part alters the context for everyone. Every hair on your head is counted, every moment of your life contributes this way, up, or it pulls it down in this way.”  –Dr. David R. Hawkins. Nov. 2002

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