They were created to soar

They were created to sing

They were created to be free and to talk with the wind.

So why do we clip their wings and still expect them to sing?

Why do we put them in cages and ask them to dance?

Why do we let them feel the wind yet not allow them to fly?

Why do we assume superiority when god made us the same?

How would we feel if someone clipped our wings? Would we feel like singing?

How would we feel if someone put us in a cage? Would we want to dance?

How would we feel if we had a voice yet could not be heard?

What do we all become if we can no longer be who we were created to be?

It’s time for all of us to live the life we were created to live and leave behind the one we have been conditioned to live.

My wings of awakening helped me find my way back home to me.

So find your wings, sing your song and feel the wind against our face.

Love and blessings from a woman on the awakening journey.

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