A Prayer of Unity

As we each go through this life experience on planet Earth, there will come time when we start to peer through the illusion of this architecture and how this has impacted our patterns and consciousness. Today I share a prayer that has come from Energetic Synthesis and Lisa Renee, that […]

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Thoughts Matter

Why Thoughts Matter…

“We sanctify that which we do by the dedication of our life, to be conscious that all one’s actions are in the presence of  God and that every action affects all of mankind. So, your life is no longer trivial. The fact that you are on a river fishing, as […]

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Are You Dedicated To The Truth?

Family Of Light, This is a world dominated by EGO. We live in an inverted system that reinforces parasitism and energetic vampirism. To sustain or gather energy we overconsume to feel better. Sometimes this consumption is in the form of food, devices, alcohol, clothes, cars, homes, holidays, friendships and any […]

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False Ascension Matrix

The False Ascension Matrix

Family Of Light, I know I have mentioned the False White Light in the past but I feel it’s important to provide additional information about the False Ascension Matrix. As more and more of you have heart chakra activations, it will be critical that you have accurate and true information about the ascension […]

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Family Of Light, Over the last few years I’ve been learning tough lessons around unconditional love. For years it was my mind that lead the way as I sat in my masculine energy. Since my awakening I have been developing a relationship with my heart. I have been tested in […]

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