Timeline Convergence

In order to spiritually heal, we have to understand what is happening to us and awaken to see the truth of what is behind the consciousness slavery of planet earth. Awakening happens over and over again, each time revealing the deeper hidden layers of truth that we are here to […]

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Birth Of A Butterfly

The Birth of A Butterfly

Family Of Light, We’ll we’ve had a slow start to 2022 because for two weeks from 14.01.22 – 29.01.22 we had Venus and Mercury (personal planets) both retrograde (Rx) at the same time in Capricorn which is where Pluto (planet of transformation) has been stationed since 2008. We also had […]

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Emerald Order

The Time Of Restoration

Family Of Light, Recently away on holiday, I received an incredible amount of clarity about my path and my role as a Starseed and Medium on our beloved planet (something I have been fighting against until now). It wasn’t until I healed and released the mother wound that I was […]

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The Purpose of the Waiting Room

Family Of Light, One of my biggest challenges on the awakening path has been releasing my negative ego. I’ve spent years removing layers of programming and conditioning and at times it felt like a never-ending task. Ultimately the creation of the negative ego is the result of living on a […]

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Waters of the Womb

Family Of Light, Since my awakening, much has changed about myself and how I live my life. The old me would do do do no matter if my body was screaming at me. I wasn’t attuned to my body and was more focused on getting through my never-ending “to-do” list.  […]

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