Group Meditation & Hands-On Reiki

(Ancient techniques for modern times) Many of the women I have served for the past 14 years were running on empty and they had neglected the most important relationship in their life, the relationship with themselves. As a working mum of two, being “still” was a big ask. After my […]

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From Karmic Chaos To Inner Peace

When I was thrust into my spiritual awakening in 2018, I came into the knowing that I was dealing with several karmic relationships. Ultimately these dynamics were making themselves known so I could deal with my childhood trauma, resolve these karmic patterns, master the lessons and move closer to my […]

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My Liberating Awakening Story

Hi Beautiful Beings, My awakening journey started in January 2018.  Here’s a snippet of my story. During this time, I started to document my entire journey because it was like nothing I had experienced before.  I started to unhinge and dismantle from all the third-dimensional structures that I had identified […]

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Lessons During My Solar Return

Hello Beautiful Beings, This has been one of the most challenging and equally liberating years of my life. This year, everything became crystal clear. Finally after much soul searching, deep honest self investigation and acceptance, I have finally set myself free. **Free from programming and conditioning that had scrambled my signal to my […]

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