Inner child

Liberating The Inner Child

What does unity consciousness have to do with inner child work? If we are to create a new reality for humanity that is built on love and peace then we need to wholeheartedly achieve love and peace within ourselves. Inner child work liberates the adult and this is the first […]

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Arriving At Self Love

It’s Saturday night and my thoughts around SELF LOVE popped into my mind. I’m sitting at my desk, looking at the stars and the below came through. Whether you’re on the couch or curled up in bed, share your thoughts with me, I’d really like to hear as many perspectives […]

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Re-Identification Of Self

(AWAKENING Community – Free On-line Workshop Series) When I went through my spiritual awakening in January 2018, I felt like my whole world was going through significant change. After I did deep inner work, went through my ego death and my dark night of the soul, I turned to astrology to […]

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Wings Of Awakening

They were created to soar They were created to sing They were created to be free and to talk with the wind. So why do we clip their wings and still expect them to sing? Why do we put them in cages and ask them to dance? Why do we […]

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New Earth

The Sands Of Time

Awakened One’s, This is a piece I wrote inspired by hope for a new earth. The Sands Of Time There are times as if sand stands still, if only in our minds. We as grains of sand shift from one age to the next, each time reaching a narrow passage before […]

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Shadow work


Beautiful Beings, We’ve all heard the saying “seeing is believing”.  During my awakening, I was invited to go within and do shadow work and quickly I realised that I had it all wrong. I realised that its the other way around – “believing is seeing”. My beliefs were shaping my […]

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Soul Sessions

On the 03.03.19 at 2.30 am, spirit came to me and said; “Don’t be afraid, you are a Palmer” How did I know if what spirit said was true? Because it spoke directly to my soul and not my ego. God has a plan for my life. For so long […]

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