Breaking Free Of Fear and Trauma

Family Of Light,  As we all journey through this passage of global fear and anxiety, we have an opportunity to explore within ourselves where these manufactured programs and groupthink programs stem from.  We have been and are currently being controlled through the energies of fear and trauma. The energy of […]

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Mind Control

War Over Consciousness

Family Of Light,  As I step more into my planetary role and spiritual service, I am focusing my skills on bringing light to planetary and humanitarian issues that we can no longer ignore. This is an incredibly complex and challenging subject matter to discuss but it feels like the right time […]

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Engaged Detachment

Family Of Light, In times like this, we have the opportunity to practice engaged detachment. This is about being in the present moment, in the day-to-day process of accepting reality as it presents itself, and doing our best to align our actions with what we feel from our heart while surrendering the […]

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I Believe In Tomorrow’s World…

Family Of Light, The divide and conquer strategy has been used against humanity since the beginning of time. Organised religion, race, gender, social status, politics, and vaccinations are all examples of how this strategy works. When we are separated into smaller units, the entire group is more easily defeated and controlled. […]

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The Gift Of Empathy

Family Of Light, Many of us are feeling the compression of energies on planet earth. You may start to see people acting out of character. These sifting times are impacting all of us in different ways, including our furry friends. Across the western world we are seeing a spike in […]

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Family Of Light, During the past week, Mars and Venus have come together in a dance in our skies. The planets of love and fearlessness perform a rare embrace. What does this mean for us? When Venus and Mars come together, we experience a rebirth of their energies and a new […]

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