new age movement

The NEW AGE Movement

Family Of Light, I have been meaning to write on this topic for some time. Along my awakening path, it became evident that the “New Age” movement is heavily hijacked by many false teachers who are being controlled by energies that do not want to see humanity ascend. I have […]

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Are You Awakening?

Family Of Light, Are you feeling like you’ve lost your direction? Are relationships dissolving in your life? Have you lost your job? What if these changes are divinely directed?  What if the universe is asking you to shift and evolve into a more aligned and advanced state of being?  For […]

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Health & Wellness Series

Awakened One’s, As you start to travel your awakening path, you will notice that your physical, emotional and spiritual needs shift and change. As a Starseed and Indigo, I have been experiencing energetic shifts for the past fifteen years and more so in the last eight months which has been […]

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