Spiritual Awakening

The Awakening Path

The Planetary Ascension Initiation

Family Of Light, This year is the pinnacle of the planetary ascension initiation that is imposing a personal spiritual initiation as a great consciousness shift and transformational change being made upon us all. This initiation may be experienced by the surfacing of obsolete dysfunctional programs that either manifest in situations or are released from your cellular […]

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On the 03.03.19 at 2.30 am, spirit came to me and said; “Don’t be afraid, you are a Palmer” How did I know if what spirit said was true? Because it spoke directly to my soul and not my ego. God has a plan for my life. For so long […]

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7 Subtle Signs You’re Awakening

Way showers, Many of my clients had a deep knowing that things were shifting in their life BUT never considered that they were WAKING UP. Many no longer felt blinded in a shadow of mundane tasks, but instead they began to question their surroundings, their truth, and most importantly their reality.  They began to question:“What […]

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