Family Of Light,

Disclaimer: what you are about to read may trigger you if you are strongly anchored to religious beliefs. I intend is to share my personal experience of Christ Consciousness which is not aligned to any religion. I do not wish to offend or discredit your beliefs, nor impose my views upon you. I am simply sharing what I know to be true for me through my personal experience of truth. Please only take what aligns with the truth of your heart.

Growing Up
I was raised in a catholic family and my brother and I would walk ourselves down to church every Sunday morning wearing our best Sunday clothes. I have always felt close to God but never understood why I needed an intermediary such as a priest to connect with God. Even as a little girl I held this thought.

My Awakening
Since my awakening, I’ve had the opportunity to review my entire life, belief systems, ways of thinking, and living. The more layers of programming and conditioning I peeled away, the closer I started to arrive at the truth of my being. 

One such program I explored was my belief system around religion. Throughout my childhood, many bible stories never sat right with me. For example, would a loving God ask Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac to prove his love for him? The loving God that I know in my heart would not ask such a thing of anyone. God knows what is in the contents of my heart, I would not need to sacrifice my child to prove my love. 

How is it that there are so many versions of the bible?

My awakening allowed me to deeply explore the wider galactic story of our origins and where religion came from. I now see religion as a mind-control tool designed to enslave humanity. Religion did not originate from earth beings but rather non- benevolent beings from another space-time whoes objective is to control and enslave our human race. Religion has been used as a tool to further reinforce separation consciousness and to instigate violet wars in the name of God. These religious doctrines are models that are complete on our planet but are still being used to control people into the belief of thought patterns around “sinner and saviour”.

Christ Consciousness
The term Christ or Christos is not denoting the individual being referred to as Jesus Christ, as taught through the world religions.  While Jesus has been and continues to be a mentor for me, I have come to understand the galactic meaning of Christ which ultimately represents our inner Christ. 

Christ means UNIFIED, unifying our divine sacred masculine and feminine within along with unifying everybody, there is no separation.

Christ consciousness is about igniting our inner christ from within.

We are here to remember that we are all from the stars, the stars are us and we are extradimensional in origin.  We all have a spiritual home and spiritual families that our souls have been disconnected from because of the inverted system we live in.

Christos describes the state of eternal Cosmic Consciousness, the title given to a free cosmic citizen of which we all are – this was to be our birthright but has been tampered with.

The Cosmic Christ is a God Consciousness field that holds the original divine blueprint of the Eternal Living Life. 

The eternal consciousness of God resides within and around all of us, each living being is the original manifestation of the intelligent consciousness units that exist in the entire body of God – All-one. The intelligent consciousness units or the Living God Spirit that is alive in all things is called the inner Christos, which is built upon the universal natural laws (I’ll share more about the natural laws in the coming posts).

Unity Consciousness is at One with God and ignites the Inner Light of Christos. The Inner Light of Christos when actualised in form is the embodiment of an Eternal God Human. We are the eternal living light, there is no death. 

When we practice the Law of One, we recognise that All is One as we are all direct expressions of God. The Law of One brings us back to world humanism. 

We are here to activate our inner Christos and unite as one human race without separation or polarityAny program, condition, tool, or methodology that is based on division or polarity is designed to take you away from your inner Christ.

My goal now is not to allow anything to harm my sacred heart or take away my humanness, which is the love, the kindness, the compassion, and the empathy that I have for my fellow humans, for this earth, and the creatures of this earth.  I refuse to be an agent of chaos or to incite division.

If you choose, you will be called to find your unique path to God. As we shift our focus on the oneness, rather than the self, we expand our spiritual power and effectiveness in the world. 

As we birth the Age of Aquarius we will be required to re-educate ourselves back to humanitarian values and to remember that all resources are given by God (All-One), and we should use these resources to serve God’s divine will; to restore our beloved planet to her original divine blueprint.

Blessings to all, and may your sacred crystal heart be radiant as a thousand Christos Infinity Suns!

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