What is the relationship you have with yourself?

As children we are taught through social conditioning or codependent conditioning that the concept of love exists outside of us and can only be given to us by someone else.

As a human species we are not taught to understand internal self love and instead are conditioned for codependency.

We are trained to be emotionally dependent on others and end up making decisions that go against our value system in order to avoid rejection or anger. This is how a codependent dynamic is established within the family system which can lead to us quickly disconnecting with the self.

Codependency is generally passed down through families. It’s a generational problem and is usually rooted in childhood. Often, a child grows up in a home where their emotions are ignored or punished. This emotional neglect tells the child that their feelings don’t matter.

Codependency can exist between partners, parent child relationship, between friends and also between a manager employee dynamic.

What does this mean for an adult who’s conditioned for codependency?

For many of us the examples we have witnessed around love have been shallow.

We are starting to understand what it means to be in love with ourselves. When we start to do this, codependency no longer has a home. There is no longer a need to play out this ancient social conditioning because we are evolving as a species.

Why is it important for us to move into divine union with the self?

On a collective level, we have reached a turning point in our evolution. As a species we have an opportunity to consciously co-create with new earth but from a space of self love and mastery (not from control and codependency). So we must learn unconditional self love which will form the basis for the paradigm of our new earth.

The first step to reaching unity consciousness is to come into divine union with the self. Once we can fully and wholeheartedly love ourselves with no conditions and without requiring external validation we can start to live in our divine presence and co-create with the earth.

Astrologically we are moving towards the age of Aquarius. Here we will move out of codependence, competition, conditioning and programming and move into cooperation by working together to free ourselves. For this to be successful we need to each reach a place of unconditional self love

Although it may not be your fault that you became codependent; it is your responsibility to learn why you are this way or why you are allowing these behaviours to prevent you from coming into union with the self.

My personal experience of narcissistic relationships lead me to peel back the layers on this type of behavioural pattern that had become a part of my existence. On closer inspection, a core truth at the heart of both narcissism and codependency is a lack of a healthy sense of self.

In this soul session we will explore codependent conditioning and whether you are codependent, dealing with a codependent or narcissist.

We will;

  • Explore what codependency is, where it starts from, and steps you can start taking to break negative behaviour patterns so it’s not passed onto the next generation.
  • Learn how to escape the codependent trap by looking at examples of what codependency looks like in different relationship dynamics i.e. between life partners, parent – child dynamic, peer to peer dynamic.
  • Connect the dots between Empaths, Codependency and Narcissism.
  • Identify key actions to help you move from codependent conditioning to interdependency and union with self.

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Love and blessings from a woman on the awakening journey.

NOTE: All our workshops are recorded to be shared with participants and the wider community. By registering to this event you agree to being recorded. If you wish not to show your face, you can choose to join via phone or to simply switch your camera off . Thank you Janette

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