Family Of Light,

Last week I shared with you a confronting video about Crimes Against Humanity.

Although it is hard to accept, it is this acceptance that will allow us to see and understand what humanity has been subject to for thousands of years. 

Most people do not want to face these deeply unpleasant truths, however, real solutions start with full disclosure and global transparency.

As I step more into my planetary role and spiritual service, I am focusing my skills on bringing light to planetary and humanitarian issues that we can no longer ignore. There is no room for these crimes against humanity or animals in the Age of Aquarius. 

The sad reality is that farm animals are tortured to produce as much food as possible.

About 97% of all tortured and killed animals are farm animals – LCA

Today I share with you a video about Crimes Against Animals.

These animals aren’t seen as living conscious beings – they’re mass-produced for the product they become: eggs, milk, meat, and leather. 

When a person, animal, or living thing is harmed, or killed traumatically and suffers, the energetic result and vibration of that harm and suffering are embedded into the memory of the earth’s body and this information does not clear until that pain is witnessed and spiritually healed.

All living things have sentient consciousness.

So we must take our blindfolds off and see with our eyes what is going on.

This is a larger global conversation but every decision we make has a ripple effect in the sea of consciousness. 

Three times a day you get to make powerful choices about your meals for you and your family. 

When you go on holidays you get to make powerful choices on whether you will support wildlife tourist entertainment.

Most people do not want to face these deeply unpleasant truths but if we don’t want to look at the truth because it’s unpleasant, we let people get away with murder because it’s more convenient to us. Then we are complicit with feeding the monster, we’re helping to co-create the ego monsters that are running rampant on our planet.

Remain a fierce and unwavering representative of love, freedom, and sovereignty!

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