Family Of Light,

My awakening journey was an opportunity to come into closer unity with my soul self as I cultivated a closer relationship with God.

When we endure times of turmoil this can act as a great spiritual catalyst, and this is when we undergo big tests of moral character and tests of self-awareness to strengthen our spiritual essence.

An awakening experience ultimately leads to greater consciousness  expansion. Once you wake up there is no going back, there is no turning a blind eye and there is no holding back.

As I step more into my planetary role and spiritual service, I am focusing my skills on bringing light to planetary and humanitarian issues that we can no longer ignore. There is no room for these crimes against humanity in the Age of Aquarius. 

The majority of the population is on high-stress overload trying to meet the most fundamental basic human needs. As a result, many people cannot begin to fathom the larger reality of our planetary challenges.

My goal is to shine a light on what is happening in the dark so we can start to question and understand what the motivation behind the agenda is, so we can find the courage to take productive steps forward. 

Remember: What we turn away from, what we turn a blind eye to only serves to defeat us in the end. 

When we are spiritually connected we gain the inner strength, courage, and higher intelligence that lends itself to the coping skills we need to overcome these challenges. 

Challenging circumstances can often lead us to work towards making important changes in our lives that shift our awareness and priorities to be aligned with our inner spirit.

There are individual and collective actions that we can take that help us to empower ourselves and each other, and to know that we can make a difference.

Today’s video is about Crimes Against Humanity

Most people do not want to face these deeply unpleasant truths.  This is why we must value truth, speak the truth, stand up for truth, recognise when we are in the presence of truth and hold on to truth for dear life! 

Commit to truth, truth-telling, and not fall into deception narratives by jumping on the bandwagon of consensus. 

Parting Message
If we don’t want to look at the truth because it’s unpleasant, we let people get away with murder because it’s more convenient to us. Then we are complicit with feeding the monster, we’re helping to co-create the ego monsters that are running rampant on our planet.

If we remain asleep at the wheel, if we refuse to look at the severe problems in our reality, more and more people get hurt and our children also get seriously hurt.

Remain a fierce and unwavering representative of love, freedom, and sovereignty!

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