It’s the 1st of June 2024, the first day of Winter here in the southern hemisphere and it feels like a sombre day as a deluge of rain soaks into our soil.

It’s a reminder of how our great mother goes through her seasons and the richness and learning that comes from observing her as she evolves through these changes.

I have come to learn over the years that there are changes that our planet goes through that are both organic and natural and also inorganic. The organic changes come about from the natural intelligence of the elements (although these have been heavily manipulated by man). You only need to look up in the sky to see the endless trails of chemtrails.

When I came across this documentary which I share below, I was shocked to discover a history that I had no idea about. At no time in my schooling had I come across this atrocity. I sat in disbelief that something so devasting could happen to our country and more so the level of deception that ensued in an attempt to cover it up. I then started to think about how Mother Earth must feel. How does she reconcile this violence, this toxicity as a deluge of posions soaks into her soil, into her lungs, into her animals and into her children? Nonetheless she still shows up for her children every single day with such love, dedication and committment. It’s a miracle that our sun still rises and sets, our birds still sing and our trees exist. If anything it has taught me more about unconditional love and reinforced my love for Mother Earth and humanity.

Please, as you watch this documentary (start with video 9), come into a state of a compassionate witness and send love to the land of Australia and to the people; past, present and future who have been and are still now dealing with the severe ramifications of this atrocity. Their DNA will be forever changed, their blueprint forever modified. God bless our soil for it will be forever changed.

It is time for the ownership of our land to be put back into the hands of our people who truly love the land, who are willing to listen to the land and work in co-creatorship in a harmonious and loving exchange. This is what our original people have tried to show us but we were ignorant and instead we have been slowly destroying our jewel in this universe. Its time to ask ourselves again; why is Australia still under the rule of British Monarchy?

Were Indigenous people ever consulted prior to the Maralinga tests? I think we know the answer to this question. Our original people have dealt with some much over the many years and still today, they are dealing with the emotional, physical and spiritual abuses of times gone by by the lingering impact of British nuclear tests in the Australian outback.

It is time for humanity and our sacred land to claim sovereignty and freedom to live as God intended, in peace, harmony and responsible co-creatorship.

It is time to return to the Law of One, principles that transcend religion and race. These principles will help humanity come back to the basic principles of loving ourselves, loving others, loving Mother Earth, service to others, unity consciousness, consciousness expansion and responsible co-creatorship.

Our great land of Australia needs our attention and our love. Our jewel in this universe needs to be honoured for her sacred beauty and intelligence. Man needs to take a big dose of humility and learn to start again, this time with deep respect and reverence for all of life.

Perhaps disclosure on what has happened to our people and our jewel will be the impetus we all need to say, NO MORE!

My love I send you all.

P.S Additional Information:
Header image courtesy of Maralinga blast Source: Archival

P.S.S Barbara marciniak – The Negative Forces: Listen to this channeling if you’d like to learn more about large masses of sand and or desert and its connection to nuclear war from times gone by.

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