Family of light,

I have missed you all very much. I’m not sure if my blog posts are important to your journey but I share what I know to be true for me with the view of helping anyone who needs truth. The only way you will know if this is the truth is by listening to your heart.

I have made many mistakes, I have let my negative ego take control of my life and I’m here to say that it’s never too late to let it all go and start over. I’m learning to deflect my ego to serve my higher divine will.

I believe that I am here to find completion and healing from other lifetimes where there were karmic issues, dysfunction and consciousness slavery. That’s why this ascension process has been so challenging and intense because I’m going through it wide awake.

I always speak the truth even if my ego feels bruised. My negative ego no longer runs the show because my heart is no longer blocked and has taken centre stage. I don’t have all the answers but I enquire with a sincere and open heart to know God’s way and I share these experiences openly.

I believe that my incarnation this time around has had much to do with understanding unconditional love in its highest expression which helps to heal my ancestral genetics, dysfunctional ancestral behaviours and thought forms, along with hybridisation and DNA issues.

Maybe you too are on this quest?

For the past few years, I have asked God to teach me the ways of love, not 3D conditional love but universal love.

I was raised in an environment where I had to earn love, it was conditional. This is no-ones fault, it’s simply a byproduct of cultural and societal programming that has been fused into the frequency fence around our matrix and delivered through victim/victimizer software that has been impaled in our planetary brain.

Whatever is in the planetary brain can be pulsed out through ley lines across the globe to reinforce these programs. This is part of the negative alien agenda (NAA) and mind control strategies. All are designed to prevent consciousness growth. Ultimately we are in a war over consciousness, period!

If we are not aware and conscious of our thoughts we can very easily be mind controlled.

My unexpected awakening brought to the surface my unhealed shadows and love felt out of reach at the time.

I knew forgiveness was to be my lesson and I spent three years exploring my negative ego and shadows and diving deep into the rabbit hole.

I realised that most of my relationship dynamics were centred around “expectations”. When someone didn’t meet my expectations then the relationship eventually dissolved. This was one of the first observations I made during my reflection. Here is a great short video to help you release bondage through expectations.

Our planet is not set up to promote universal love. Instead, it is supported to create separation and division. We only have to look around and see the extensive labels used to reinforce this division. Humanity is currently walking through the global dark night of the soul and now more than ever God is calling us each into service. You will know what that looks like based on your circumstances.

When I started to seek the way of true universal love, I was able to see beyond the matrix and the design of our prison planet.

God is LOVE and if we are made in God’s image then we too are LOVE.

Unconditional universal love means we can love everyone and everything as they are. They don’t need to be a certain way or do certain things or speak certain words for us to love them. When I was able to see the programming in myself and others I was able to acknowledge it, rise above it and express love regardless. Love to others and love to myself.

Today God is calling us into service. God is asking us to be his vehicle of love as we live through these end times, this ascension cycle or consciousness rebirth.

There is no greater service. If you have been searching for purpose then perhaps it’s simply to be a vehicle of love in service to God’s divine plan.

There is no force more powerful than love. When you experience the frequency of love, it ripples through your entire being and you start to want to express it more and more. This is the incredible design of the angelic human body.

Remember that you were made from love and this is home. Love is intelligent energy used to create beings, stars, the universe, food and the list goes on. Love is the basic building block to God’s natural laws, the Law of One which is the Law of Love.

So as you live your day-to-day, consider finding ways to express who you are- LOVE

P.S This is my morning commitment I use every day to entrain my field. Feel free to use it if it resonates with you.

“My declaration of intention is to serve you God and I commit to serve my highest power fully, completely and totally. I am God. I am sovereign, I am free.”

Thank you to Lisa Renee my ascension guide and mentor for this.

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