Family Of Light,

In times like this, we have the opportunity to practice engaged detachment.

This is about being in the present moment, in the day-to-day process of accepting reality as it presents itself, and doing our best to align our actions with what we feel from our heart while surrendering the outcome.

Easier said than done…right?

This decade is about great realignment. In order to be put on our highest and best timeline we need to practice engaged detachment.

Using healthy detachment as a tool, we have to open our hearts and listen to the inner voice that guides us from stepping into the familiar traps of fear, control, and complacency, fully detached from the outcome of external events.

By clinging on we continue to be entangled in fear and anxiety. This has the potential to limit the possible openings that are being ushered in for you.

Attachment = EGO
Detachment = FLOW

With so much movement and change, our ego is challenged in ways to bring to the surface all that we have held onto for so long be it programming, stories, conditioning, and social engineering.

Many of us long for detachment, but we might struggle to find ways to practice it.

Here are some suggestions

1. Examine the reasons for your attachment. 
– Why do you need to have that watch?
– Why do you need to go to that specific university?
– Why do you need to have that specific job?
– Let’s say you can’t afford to buy a particular house or live in a particular suburb, what feelings arise within you? Is it your ego that is preventing you from seeing other options and moving forward?

Upon examing your responses, you will find that the journey will lead you back to “ego”. We might not like to admit it or claim that our attachment doesn’t make us miserable, but it might be another trick of the ego, since the ego fears annihilation.

2. Observe what feeling(s) you are experiencing
What emotional triggers, impulses, and feelings are surfacing?
– If you didn’t get a job, it’s O.K, keep it moving
– If you didn’t get a promotion, it’s O.K something else is around the corner
– If you didn’t into your first preference for university, it’s O.K, there are other universities and institutions.
– If you didn’t the home, its O.K there are plenty more that will come onto the market.

The disappointment comes from holding on too tightly to what we think is best for us.

Sometimes our creator has other plans for us. 

The minute you practice healthy detachment, you will feel an instant load or burden lifted from your shoulders.

3. Practice Self Awareness and Self Observation
When we practice healthy detachment, we don’t take the everyday irritations and disappointments of life to heart. 

We can release our desire to control or manipulate the situation to get the desired result that our ego believes is the better outcome.

These thought patterns are distortions that we call ego defence mechanisms. Ego defense mechanisms help us avoid accepting evidence that challenges our self-image as a good and worthy person or that challenges our strongly held stereotypes or belief systems. 

4. Practise having preferences instead of a definite outcome
If you find yourself needing something to go a certain way, that’s when you know your ego is running the show.
I want…..
I need……
These are ego statements

Remember you are an eternal being so when you put your soul (not your ego) in the driver’s seat you remember that you are here for the experiences and not the results.

When we remember this we remove the rigidity and pressure we unnecessarily put on ourselves.

Do not falter to the illusion of fear. Remember the safest place you can be always, is with your inner connection to yourself and God. Focus there and stay there.

Practice being inner-directed and inner sustained.

The power we have is in sustaining healthy detachment to both personal and global changes, realising that our inner and outer environments need continuous remodeling.

Let go and let life flow.

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