Beautiful Beings,

Suicide rates among children and teens have tripled, more and more people are being diagnosed with depression and anxiety and addiction to prescription drugs is spiking across the western world.   

If you’re an intuitive empath, your soul has come here at this special time on earth to bring your gift to the world.

As people around you awaken to their big truths and come face to face with their 3D reality, call on your gift of empathy and lead them to the light. 

As I sat with my client she said,

I’m tired of carrying around my armor. I want to find the courage to present my true face to the world

There are people all around you who are suffering in silence, be it your colleague at the hot desk next to you, the person who makes your coffee in the morning or the person sitting on their own in the work cafe having lunch.   

You have this beautiful gentle power to help transform others because you are so highly attuned to the emotions and energy of others.

Here’s a video sharing my thoughts on how to use your gift of empathy for the greater good of all. 

Love and blessings from a woman on the awakening journey.  

Your Light Leader

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