Family Of Light,

Have you hooked onto obligations or responsibilities that are not yours?

Have you been agreeing to things and giving away your power out of these obligations or expectations from others?

Perhaps you haven’t wanted to rock the boat, upset someone, or have a challenging conversation.

But at what cost is this energetic infringement having on you?

Maybe you haven’t realised what you were carrying or holding onto?

Can you live  a life based on what you value, what is essential to you, what matters to you?

The first step is to acknowledge where you have given your power away.

It’s important to be easy on yourself as you go through this process. We are all here on planet earth living through soul lessons. It’s never too late to “see things now”.

Based on the planetary energy of Chiron in Aries till 2027, it’s time to move to a more awakened place within yourself and make decisions from a higher plane of consciousness. Now you can start to shift your expectations of yourself and your behaviour.

Where are you ready to stand strong in your values, daily values, and life values?

If you feel a sinking of energy within, then you know that you are not in alignment with your true nature.

Love yourself enough to LISTEN to your heart, listen to what you want, listen to what you know is true for you. As you do so, you also give other people the opportunity to do the same and give them the space to make their own choices and do what’s best for them.

As an energetic being, ask yourself what you need and what is vital to your wellbeing, then set out to fulfill those needs.

It can be easy to be hard on yourself when you realise you’ve given your power away.

So ask yourself;

?What is essential to you now?
?Where have you felt your energy infringed upon by other people’s expectations, wants, desires and needs?
?Where are you ready to stand strong in your values?

So beautiful beings, will you stay in the lane of obligation or move towards energetic mastery?

My light I send you.

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P.S.S If you were born between 1970-1977 you will be experiencing your Chiron return, so this will be even more personal for you.

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