Heartfelt Welcome Kindred Spirit,

If you’re a woman on the awakening journey, then these events and retreats are for you.

As you know, the unsettling and equally beautiful thing about awakenings is that they occur at the least expected times.

There is no way you can plan for them. They come into your life and shake everything up like tornadoes.

But the hidden gift buried deep within them is that they occur at the precise time that you need them the most.

Our events and retreats are an invitation to explore the awakening journey by shining a light on all aspects of your magnificent being and peeling the layers to heal what needs to be healed.

As powerful women, many of us have learned to stay silent in our struggles BUT In the moment of coming together, you realise that you’re not alone on the awakening path and that the feelings and experiences you’ve had are normal.

These moments of connection, relief, and true perspective will happen to you on retreat for different reasons, but mostly because you’ll be showing up as your true self.

When we come together as women who are experiencing the same thing, powerful healing unfolds.

Here we surrender to stillness and follow the guidance of the universe, our higher selves and the wisdom of women.

What To Expect From Our Events And Retreats


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