Breaking Down Enslavement Programming - Online workshop 

Everyone on earth has been conditioned by collective consciousness programming

So being courageous enough to face our deepest and darkest fears and being willing to put forth the effort to overcome them is the path we all must take to secure our consciousness freedom during the ascension cycle.

Over the coming months and years, we will all be coming to terms with our programming and attachment stories around the third-dimensional structures we have built our sense of security around.

These may include establishments such as medical, education, banking, pharmaceutical, religion, technology, and many others.

Our programming keeps us busy, overburdened, and distracted, leading us away from exploring the self, as everything else seems “more important.”

We will be pushed to transform beyond our attachments and our fear-based belief systems. There will be no place for these fear based beliefs as our beloved planet continues to rise in frequency.

These programs keep us fragmented and confused, so we will not notice that our freedom is being stolen out from under us.

As we each will be called to reorientate ourselves from service to self to service to others, we will begin to purge these consciousness enslavement programs. We will each feel a desire to service humanitarian goals as we rebuild our beloved planet.