Family Of Light,

The awakening experience can be a confusing time as I discovered. Not only are you starting to question your self- identity but you are also starting to question what is happening to you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As I started to have mystical experiences, some just felt off. I didn’t have the words to explain why but my intuition was telling me that something wasn’t right.

I have previously shared my experience with the New Age and now I feel it is time to share another layer of truth from my personal experience.

Ascension is basically when we move up in frequency and expand our consciousness. We move in an upward spiral from one chakra or energy centre to the next. Most of us are at the 3D level or Solar Plexus level. When we go through an awakening our soul is attempting to open up to the next level or chakra which is the 4D or the heart chakra.

While this is a beautiful experience, it is also one littered with confusion and complexity. Let me explain.

When I started to activate my higher sensory perception, my third eye opened up and all my clair’s activated (thank you kundalini activation). This meant that the dark room I had been living in was now filled with light. Now I could see EVERYTHING. All that was once hidden in the dark, was there in plain sight.

I found this a challenging experience. I had to learn very quickly that we are not living on our planet alone and that we too are multidimensional beings. 

I also quickly learned that each species from other dimensions had its agenda and the only one’s living in the dark were the innocent humans. We are oblivious to the fact that our planet has been interfered with for thousands of years. 

The point I wish to make is that as more and more of you awaken and activate your 4th Chakra and you may start to perceive foreign things. I came to learn of the false ascension matrix and the false light. The New Age community and channelers are often channeling entities from the 4D astral plane and are unaware of the complexity and level of deception. Many energy and reiki healers are also accessing the 4D plane.

This took me down a very steep rabbit hole to try and get through the layered spider webs of disinformation and cloaking. 

This false white light operates in the 4D and many awakening people get stuck here. I was one of them.

Holographic inserts, implants and other highly advanced technology are used to create deception to trick the soul to make them think that they are connecting with an ascended master etc. False light is used to project holographic images to trick souls into delusion. They are also designed to prevent the soul from expanding in consciousness and moving up the dimensional scale.

What’s interesting to note is that the 4D plane is where our souls during the death passage have been going repeatedly. The Guardians have seen this soul recycling and now any soul that chooses to pass at this time will not be held captive in the 4D plane. They will be ushered into alternative places where their souls can heal and rest. 

Question: Why do you think these entities would want to suppress our consciousness?

I am not sharing this to create fear, but rather to empower you. Until we are told the truth about what and who is running our planet more and more innocent people are being taken advantage of without their consent.

What Is Being Done?
Our Guardians – the Three-Fold Founder Flame are working to dismantle this false ascension matrix and false white webbing. It is incredibly complex and challenging but now they are stepping in because the deception has gone on for far too long and innocent people are being severely impacted. We are at a time when the dimensional doorways have aligned and they can step in and usher souls to safety. 

What Can You Do?
If you start to awaken your senses then;
1. Apply a daily shielding technique morning and night. I apply the 12D shield
2. Every day command your space as “God, Sovereign Free”.
3. Remember that you are the cosmic sovereign law made manifest and nothing and no one has control over your body, mind, soul or consciousness. You walk with the holy spirit.
4. Live by the Law of One principles so that you find a way to live in peace no matter how chaotic things are out there.

These are simply suggestions, please always follow your internal guidance and intuition.

Remember that you are “God, Sovereign Free”

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