Family Of Light,

I know I have mentioned the False White Light in the past but I feel it’s important to provide additional information about the False Ascension Matrix.

As more and more of you have heart chakra activations, it will be critical that you have accurate and true information about the ascension path. (Ascension Plan B)

The Heart chakra directly connects to the soul plane = 4D. When my kundalini activation happened, it was the front and back of my heart chakra that was triggered first (nadial complex).

It is important to understand that the 4D level is where the artificial technology is inserted to create the False Ascension Matrix, even though it is controlled from the higher dimensions of 5D. The False Ascension Matrix controls 4D, 5D and 6D levels of the planet and if we are aligned to it, it controls those levels of our own body too. Here you will be exposed to victim-victimizer software to exploit the healing process. 

Earth history has been distorted and mostly hidden from us, and it’s not what we think it is. The Guardians are working tirelessly to clear up the soul triad of 4D-5D-6D so that newly awakening souls are not filtered through the false ascension matrix. 

If you’re on any form of ascension path and you’re not aware that 4D and 5D have been taken over by the “False Ascension Matrix” then you’re operating your body like a computer without virus protection. This hijack is not only at 4D and 5D but goes all the way up to 11D. This is why the 12D shielding technique is so important.

For ascension basics here are three videos to watch;
Unity Consciousness – Part 1
Unity Consciousness – Part 2
Unity Consciousness – Part 3

The false light operates and powers up the 10D tree grid (False Tree of Life) which is the false matrix. The original and true ascension matrix operated on the 12 Tree Grid. 

My reality bubble burst after coming to terms with my cognitive dissonance.  I could see the false light and how it operates in the dark corners and the hidden hand that moves the chess pieces.

Lisa Renee is the ONLY person I trust. From my personal experience, she is the only one that has remained true and authentic. Her information can be found in Energetic Synthesis and Ascension Glossary.

No one will be able to tell you if what you are experiencing is false or true, only you will know. I’m attempting to give you what I didn’t have and hopefully spare you from the shock and trauma of the False Ascension Matrix. 

When I first awakened I didn’t know any of this information. From the very beginning, I was being directed towards the False Ascension Matrix and directed to healers, astrologers, and healing modalities that were either knowingly or unknowingly feeding the false ascension matrix. A few things felt off and I had no context for what I was experiencing. I was floating out at sea, totally exposed to the elements.

Everything I saw from feathers, rainbows, birds, and messages were part of the false ascension matrix. What are the odds that my maiden name would be written in the sky on a Saturday morning? It came as a surprise as I was out hanging the washing. This was all designed to route me into the false ascension matrix. 

Remember that we are the children of the sun and we are here to remember our fallen history and to course correct and write a new beginning for humanity as we lead each other home back to God and oneness. 

Family, I will be taking a short break from my blogs. I am ALWAYS available to listen to any family member who needs a compassionate witness. 


Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. Let go of anything of the mind and come back into your heart– the inner sanctum – the God Self.  

There are many positive significant spiritual events happening now to free the planet. Be assured that beautiful events are awaiting us in humanity’s future.

I hold in my heart our Garden of Eden and know that one day our children and our children’s children will be living in harmony with their spirit, mother earth and all sentient life forms. Through the heart all healing and miracles can occur.

May God’s love, light and power restore the plan on Earth. 

May the truth set us free as we bask in God’s eternal love, light and power.


P.S The rock kindness project has been a great success. I have met grandmothers, daughters, fury friends and little people. It completely proves how easy it is to create unity and spread love. Maybe your next project???

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Rock project

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