Family Of Light, 

As we all journey through this passage of global fear and anxiety, we have an opportunity to explore within ourselves where these manufactured programs and groupthink programs stem from. 

We have been and are currently being controlled through the energies of fear and trauma. The energy of fear ultimately leads to our fear of survival. 

Fear destroys the capacity for expanding light into our consciousness. Fear shows us the spiritual lessons we have yet to master inside of ourselves, as it demonstrates where darkness is blocking us.

Right now there are many people on our planet that are fearing;

  • loss of income
  • loss of business
  • loss of connection to family and friends
  • possible loss of loved one’s
  • loss of sovereignty
  • loss of freedom

This is the great unraveling of these core issues which humanity must face and address.

You do not have to be subjected to the poverty consciousness fears in the collective, by knowing God Source is your abundance and security first. God Source will provide when you align yourself to know yourself as the inner spirit you are. One must be authentic to be aligned and thus be supported.

We are all going through a massive release and cleansing of these old stories (Sagittarius in the south node) and we are now given an opportunity to trace these energies back to their origin.

As humanity, we have been led to believe that we need these manufactured programs.

In the past we’ve been programmed to think we need structures of control to keep us safe BUT do they keep us safe or do they trigger more fear and trauma?

In a previous post, I shared the concept of “paltering” and how it is being used to trigger these deeply enmeshed programs.

Many global structures started to dismantle in 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn. We will continue to see further dismantling till 2023 when Pluto leaves Capricorn.

Many things we see collapsing are due to systems in place that are tightening the grip, in a desire to consolidate control. 

Take heart that Pluto in Capricorn is an ally, to reform all that’s toxic and not authentic. 

In our lives, it’s expressed in the choices we make — to invest in what’s destructive and to feed the fear, or to open our eyes and be part of creating a brighter world.

Pluto’s trials serve to shatter structures that have become prisons to growth, even though we cling to the familiar as it crumbles. 

Pluto transits will help us all realise that we’re stronger than we think as true faith takes root in our character.

Though Pluto can take us to a hopeless place, there’s always a rebirth on the other side. This is how we will usher in the Aquarian Age.

On the everyday level, I see this with individuals wanting to take back control of their lives — going off-grid, growing their food, homeschooling, or starting a self-sustaining business. 

As we each release our old stories and programs, we will come closer to personal freedom and planetary liberation.

Right now we are each choosing if we want to exist in spiritual bondage or freedom….the choice is yours!

Let go and let life flow.

Remain a fierce and unwaverig representative of love, freedom, and sovereignty!​

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