Family Of Light,

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and I had just finished a wonderful session with a client. As I sat to type up my notes I started to receive a powerful download that came out of nowhere.

For the next 30 minutes (which felt like two minutes) I found myself in this creative flow wanting to write in detail about what has come to be known as my Garden Of Eden.

What I didn’t know back in 2019 is that Eden once existed (not the bible version) and the angelic human race now has the potential to birth her back into existence.

You see Eden existed on 7D Earth and she was called Gaia. It was in this dimension that the original Edenic blueprint was created for angelic humanity.

For the past two weeks, I have been existing in a higher field and frequency. I’ve been feeling a deepening of my connection to mother earth and I’ve come into the knowing that Eden is already here.

In 2020 I made a video where I talked about this decade and how we will experience the simultaneous dismantling of structures and the creation of the new.

BUT what do we do during these birthing stages when we are in the ‘no longer and the not yet’?

Ultimately ‘the no longer and the not yet’ is a story about our soul mastery. 

So we dream…….we visualise our Eden into existence! Our Garden of Eden, our new EARTH will be created from the hEART.

We take that five-letter word, our existing earth and we rearrange the elements so that everything stems from the light of the HEART, the heart of GOD.

When life doesn’t feel stable or predictable, it helps to anchor our thoughts into higher states of frequency.

For me, Eden is a paradise, a state of bliss. A consciousness that is not bound by programming and conditioning and where all creation lives in the ‘eternal now’. This is a space within us that is outside of time. On Eden, there is an awareness that there’s a divine unfolding that is constantly happening. 

When I feel into this state of being, it feels so calm. It feels like everything is dancing, alive. It is possible to see the crystalline structure of all things. Eden always strives for balance and angelic humanity understands this. Together we live in conscious participation with the natural laws of God, the Law Of One.

So what does Eden look like to you?

Let me take you on an immersive experience of our Garden Of Eden

Choosing Love as our constant guide is the key to everything, as our pure heart and inner spirit will guide us through these mysteries to truly know ourselves.

I hope you enjoy the video experience as much as I enjoyed making it.

May God’s perfect peace and calm be with your heart. God’s love is fully and completely with you.

P.S There is much support for us now with our family of Guardian Hosts. The Amethyst Order is offering support through the use of the Amethyst crystal to assist children during this phase of planetary ascension . Their current priority is to protect and serve the children of the planet by deflecting the harmful energies incurred from assorted exposures to noxious energies and bio-weapons. If you would like further direction please contact me by replying to this e-mail.

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