Family Of Light,

What would you do differently?

Here we are, 7,905,000,000 souls on planet earth at the same time. Coincidence?

  • What if we forgot why we choose to be here at this time?
  • What if we forgot that we are divine spiritual beings of light in a vessel?
  • What if we forgot that we are one race?
  • What if we forgot that we come from the stars and we are the stars?
  • What if we forgot that we are meant to co-create with Mother Earth?
  • What if we forgot that we must love ourselves first before we can love others without fear?
  • What if we forgot that there is no death, just transition?

What would our planet look like?

How would we exist if we remembered why we came here? What if we remembered;

  • That we are eternal spiritual beings on a soul journey sharing experiences for growth
  • That our DNA is made up of the same elements
  • That killing and hurting each other is anti-human and anti-life
  • That loving and accepting ourselves requires no external validation
  • That the water that flows in our oceans runs through our bloodstream 
  • That the minerals in our body are the same minerals that form the building blocks for life
  • That we are to co-create with Mother Earth and not just consume her.

What would you do differently if you started to remember that you are the living eternal light?

  • How would you go about your day?
  • How would you embrace others?
  • How would you create a meal?
  • How would you be of service?
  • How would you embrace yourself?
  • How would you spend your time?
  • Where would you focus your energy?

Right now we are on the precipice of an opportunity for a monumental rebirth. An opportunity for our species to thrive once again as God had intended. 

A critical time where we get to choose what we want our existence to look like and feel like. The kind of legacy we would like to leave for our children and their children. 

Our Garden of Eden is calling us back.

She’s waiting with open arms and with total acceptance.

You don’t have to prove anything to her.

You don’t have to defend your decisions.

You don’t need to explain anything.

She’s ready to accept you as you are with the loving force of the living eternal light

She is waiting for you to claim this rebirth with her.       

            Will you remember?

May Gods perfect peace find you wherever you are.

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