What does unity consciousness have to do with inner child work?

If we are to create a new reality for humanity that is built on love and peace then we need to wholeheartedly achieve love and peace within ourselves.

Inner child work liberates the adult and this is the first step to reaching unity consciousness.

As we each move a step closer to self-mastery we simultaneously move a step closer to unity consciousness.

Our previous two workshops on narcissism and codependency have helped us arrive at this workshop which is about liberating the inner child.

The reason I chose to deliver these workshops in this flow was to help us better understand the programs that others had been running which we had on some level installed into the background of our operating system.

By bringing our conscious awareness to these programs I have been trying to help you become a conscious observer so you can see these events from a detached and higher place. This will help us forgive and move on with our lives.

So is your inner child in the driver’s seat of your life?

Holding onto trauma that happened when you were a child robs you of your birthright of feeling joy and happiness in the now moment. For many of our parents, their needs were not met as infants, children and/or adults. Now as adults ourselves we have an opportunity to to let go of all the things that we took on that are not ours. By healing our own inner child we break this ancestral pattern and move another step closer to self mastery and unity consciousness

The final piece to forgiveness is to now go back and liberate your inner child by sending it pure LOVE and JOY.

Now you will be able to forgive because you see the programs that have plagued your lineage and ancestral line. There is no one to blame, nothing to defend, nothing to hide, and nothing to prove.

Now we move into acceptance and release by choosing to forgive. As we do this we move into unity consciousness within ourselves which ultimately impacts unity consciousness for all.

My healing journey started in 2018 and I share it with you with the hope it will help you move on and arrive at a place of peace, love, and acceptance.

In our one hour online workshop I will mentor you through your guidebook as you:

  • Quiz – is your wounded inner child still in the driver’s seat of your life (pre-workshop)
  • Learn how your unacknowledged inner child is impacting your emotions and experiences as an adult.
  • Let go of the blame game and the emotions your inner child was taught to repress.
  • Discover the critical connection between your first chakra and your inner child.
  • Uncover the core needs of the inner child so you consciously re-parent the child within and prevent repeating these patterns with your children.
  • Get ready to commit to self-care practices to harness the inner child joy and innocence that are your birthright.
  • Liberate your inner child by writing her a loving letter as you take a trip down memory lane – prompts provided (post-workshop )

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Love and blessings from a woman on the awakening journey.

NOTE: All our workshops are recorded to be shared with participants and the wider community. By registering to this event you agree to being recorded. If you wish not to show your face, you can choose to join via phone or to simply switch your camera off . Thank you Janette

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