Heralding A New Era & A New Level Of Consciousness

As of 21.12.20 we will be transitioning into the Age of Aquarius. This decade will be one of the most challenging and unstable, where chaotic creation allows us to call in new and liberating experiences.


Collectively humanity will undergo the initiation into the next stage of consciousness. This decade will be known as the consciousnessness transformation decade for humanity.

What does this mean for you?

We are moving from one astrological age to another. This is a monumental event as each epoch marks a distinct phase in human history. This happens approximately every 2100 years. We are leaving behind the Age of Pisces which was about "blending in" and transitioning into the Age of Aquarius which is about "individuation".

The Age of Aquarius means we are each committed at a deeper soul level to:

  • understanding ourselves
  • what we are here to do differently
  • what we are here to do individually and
  • how we can share and offer that to the world.

Now the universe is asking you at a human and soul level - WHO AM I!

2020 has been about self de-construction, de-conditioning, and ego death. 2021 and beyond is about the re-identification of self. No longer do you have to do what you thought you had to do or be who you thought you needed to be to fit in. It's about stepping away from the pack so you can find your true self, your unique gifts, and share them with the world.

This has been my experience for the past three years. My awakening journey was a series of stages where I went through a death and rebirth experience. As a guide and forerunner,  I am here to share my wisdom with those who are ready to embrace what the universe has in store for us in the coming decade and beyond.

In our community you will;

  • be guided at each stage of the journey, provided with characteristics and action items to guide you
  • reach a place of deep self-love, self-worth, and freedom
  • start to access deeper wells of appreciation and gratitude
  • learn right ways to trust yourself
  • move away from being externally motivated and become more internally focused
  • apply spiritual information for everyday life and avoid spiritual traps
  • witness and remove addictive programs
  • use the ego as a tool to help you navigate this reality but not govern your actions
  • nurture a strong inner voice that guides you, prevents you from being the “victim” of forces beyond your control
  • team up with the universe to co-create a new and exciting reality
  • learn how to question the beliefs, values, and mental models you inherited, and re-engineer them so they help you accelerate to your goals faster
  • identify temporary obstacles as growth challenges and re-frame them so you can quickly bounce back and boldly step into the life you choose
  • supercharge your mood & scale your energy to new heights

You will travel your awakening path with the support, inspiration and encouragement of a group of likeminded souls

What community members are saying

I have known Janette for over 25 years, initially as a senior corporate colleague, and then later as a pragmatic stylist for keeping my wardrobe in shape. As she evolved in her journey, my journey has also moved in parallel to a more honest and holistic footprint. I have often connected with her in her workshops on an awakening light-filled but honest (raw and dark sometimes) learning about my pathway and now keeping my soul in shape. Janette shines her light brightly and with a generous authentic spirit so many of us get touched by this and inspired to delve into our dark and light. I find Janette a constant source of wisdom and truly believe she is a wise woman to walk alongside our community especially in these challenging times.

Janette has been a very dear friend of mine for over 20 years. Her knowledge, wisdom and free spirit has always been something that I have admired. After attending two of her workshops: Narcissism and Re-Identification Of Self, Janette has helped me come into greater alignment with my soul and continues to encourage me to trust the wisdom within me. On a personal level, I am more trusting in my own intuition and am able to verbalise what is true for me. I feel like my understanding and experience of the spiritual path has expanded on every level. The grounded, practical, everyday life approachability of Janette’s teachings are what speak to me. I find that her spiritual awareness, deep connection and teachings have led me in a very natural way that would have been a difficult and slow process on my own. I am forever thankful to have found a teacher such as Janette, and I highly recommend her workshops to anyone who is looking for a better understanding of themselves.
Carol. D  

This global community is for you if you:

  • feel like you don’t fit into this world but realise you’re here to create a new one
  • learn how to break away from past programming and conditioning 
  • you work a 9-5 job and are looking for energetic and conscious support for the everyday
  • want to learn how to activate and integrate with your life force energy
  • want to discover your life soul mission
  • want to feel part of a soul tribe who become your renewable source of energy
  • want to discover self-care principles that are critical for your unfoldment
  • want to find a mentor who can help guide you to your truth so you can live in the light, one spiritual step at a time.

A private global membership community for women like you on the awakening journey.

Why did I create AWAKENING?

When my awakening journey started in January 2018, I felt lost and confused. I had no framework what I was going through. I didn’t know who I could talk to about my experiences and awakening symptoms. Many of my clients were also on the brink of awakening and I felt pulled to create this sacred space for us to lovingly connect and grow.

How to sign up to AWAKENING

AWAKENING acts as a container to empower you so you can reach self and soul mastery. There is no spiritual bypassing here! Simply sign up below in the footer and you’ll be notified about our group on-line workshops. 

Why do you need support?

The AWAKENING path is like an upward spiral, it's not a linear experience. There are many twists and turns that can be challenging to interpret and understand. Having a mentor and community allows you to share your journey and receive guidance just when you need it.

Let’s hear from more women in our community

Janette is someone who can know where you are at, what you need and give help and encouragement to inspire you. She has a rare gift and can join the dots, creating aha moments. - with thanks

I am glowing with gratitude for Janette is working with me to help me heal from old wounds and break old negative patterns. I am becoming more confident in my skin, happier about the decisions I make, more positive about the future and my boundaries are stronger. Janette’s commitment to truth, learning, and her development personally and spiritually are unwavering. She is dedicated, conscientious, and ‘walks her talk’. Her capacity for strength and clear seeing, as well as for compassion, make her an asset to her profession. Love Maria
Maria B.



  • You will receive a copy of all the recorded workshops even if you can’t attend live.
  • Some of our workshops will be made available to the general public for purchase at a much later date.
  • By registering for each event you agree to being recorded. If you wish not to be seen, you can simply switch your camera off.

More women in our community

I have known Janette for over 20 years and I've always appreciated her practical wisdom and guidance. Its been great attending her workshops particularly 'Healing from Narcissistic Relationships' and 'Re-identification of Self'. She is able to simplify content into bite size wisdom that would have taken me a very long time to do and then understand. I'm grateful to be a part of this community.

Janette has been a source of inspiration for me while on my journey. She has experienced many up's and down's and that's what makes her so real and relatable. She knows exactly the issues and challenges I am facing and knows what information and guidance I need for where I am at along this winding path. Thank you Janette x