When I was thrust into my spiritual awakening in 2018, I came into the knowing that I was dealing with several karmic relationships.

Ultimately these dynamics were making themselves known so I could deal with my childhood trauma, resolve these karmic patterns, master the lessons and move closer to my soul purpose.

What I realised through this experience was that I also needed to heal karmic ties in my ancestral bloodline.The karmic patterns I witnessed in my own life had played out generations before me and as a soul I chose that I would be the path cutter who would put a stop to this patterning.

Karmic relationships are extremely challenging but their purpose is one that leads to enlightenment and inner peace.In this soul session, we will focus on Stage 3 of our 12 Step Awakening Map, titled: “You Start To See Life In A Whole New Light”.

At this stage of the awakening path you no longer rely on others for happiness.

You can see what was not right in your life and you’ve started to release people who you now recognise as karmic ties.

In this workshop you will;

?EXPLORE the link between karma and the spiritual principle of the Law of Cause & Effect

?RECOGNISE if you are a carrier for family karma and what this means for you.

?UNCOVER which of the many karmic shadows are being mirrored to you by the karmic individual.

?IDENTIFY the patterns of a karmic relationship ie partner, sibling, parent, friend – (quiz).

?DISCOVER your soul mission and life lessons by applying karmic astrology to your unique astrology chart (you will receive specific insights based on your natal chart).

Come and join me in our Awakening membership community 26.02.21 as we move from karmic chaos to inner peace.

Complete our application form here https://www.janetteishiyama.com/join-awakening/

My light I send you

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