Family Of Light,

My deep inner spring was calling me.

Have you ever felt called?

I knew it was time to put everything down and sit. There, in the waiting room I had to face all of my shadows, fears and ugliness. There was nowhere I could go to escape this room, all the doors were locked.

What I didn’t know back then was that I was embarking on the path of gnosis, the awakening path.

 **Gnosis is learning through direct experience

**Gnosis is feeling through all that is

**Gnosis is humbly setting aside the ego to allow the mother of God to shine her light in your life

In my seeking and yearning for truth I stumbled across the Law of One from my mentor Lisa Renee. 

When I read the seven principles, they felt so loving, so peaceful and would allow me the grace and forgiveness to stumble and fall – which I did many times.

Today’s learning opportunity that I shared with my daughter was, “Give freely with love, with no expectations of anything in return”.  Today she didn’t want to share her home made Lamingtons with her brother.  I explained that we are all here on earth to learn different lessons at different times. After she shared her Lamingtons, I asked her to tell me how she felt. 

This was a lesson I learned on the path and I could see that my daughter needed to hear these words today. 

Her response, “But mum why don’t people say thank you or show gratitude?”.  I explained that each being is here learning and we are all at school in different classes. No class is better than the other, all are equal just with a different curriculum. Then we had a laugh as I reminded her of all the times I changed her poppy nappy and didn’t get a “Thank you” ūüôā

The Law of One teaches us that we are one no matter our orientation. All we need to do is be love in action no matter what the external world or circumstances are showing up. There are many stimuli that can dim our light and remove the feeling heart and equally there are many stimuli to enspirit the love within and shine light. 

Please note that I do not endorse or support the New Age channelings nor the book “The Law of One – The RA Material). It has been brought to my attention that the book containing the channeling was¬†hijacked by entities that were targeting newly awakened souls to route them into their inverted system. The true RA Guardians are currently ¬†working to¬†recover the Law of One records¬†that were assimilated into the A.I systems.

Now its up to us to choose where we place our energy and time. This is called “Free Will”

What do you choose today?

Voices From Around Our Beloved Planet

An example where “Free Will” has been severely infringed based on the distortions of man-made intelligence and awareness (as explained above)

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