Family Of Light,

During the past week, Mars and Venus have come together in a dance in our skies. The planets of love and fearlessness perform a rare embrace.

What does this mean for us?

When Venus and Mars come together, we experience a rebirth of their energies and a new awakening of both the feminine and masculine principles within us. It is the sacred marriage within.

This is about healing the wounds of separation; separation within ourselves and that of humanity. Its time to lead with love as we come into balance and harmony with these sacred energies (see my video below)

Venus represents sacred feminine energy. Venus is is the planet of love, harmony, money, and beauty. Its energy inspires us to connect with our inner Goddess, fan our creative flames, create wealth, and surround ourselves with beauty.

Mars represents sacred masculine energy. Mars is considered the planet of action, motivation, and fearlessness. Its energy inspires us to forge ahead, push past our fears, and find our inner confidence and strength.

The ultimate message is “LEAD (Mars) with LOVE (Venus)”

It is the truth taught by Christ when he proclaimed, “LOVE your neighbour as you love yourself.” 

So as you navigate this time in human history, activate your big organ of heart consciousness and check in with family, friends, work colleagues, and neighbours. Share your love freely, its greatly needed.

Stay in the frequency of your god-given heart.

My light I send you

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