Family Of Light,

Over the last few years I’ve been learning tough lessons around unconditional love.

For years it was my mind that lead the way as I sat in my masculine energy.

Since my awakening I have been developing a relationship with my heart.

I have been tested in many ways. Right now my test is to send love to those human and non human controllers who wish to subjugate humanity.

This has been a difficult lesson and growth experience for me. I am learning how to hold love for ALL beings no matter their agenda because all is intelligent energy and ALL is one from our creator. This is the Law of One; The Law of Love.

As I reflect on my past familial personal relationships, I can see how my negative ego and shadow self has pulled me away from my heart. As I learn to forgive others I am now learning to forgive myself. I can call on the spirit of humility to show me the places and spaces that need love and acceptance within me.

The awakening path is a continuous path that takes us from one density to another. Each density is designed to provide experiences that ultimately lead us back to love and unity with the ultimate goal of uniting with our creator.

You don’t need a mentor, you don’t need a course, you don’t need money to take this journey to the heart. All you need is the desire to know in order to serve. The more we each heal, the more we heal our planet.

Right now our beloved planet and all human beings are attempting to move into 4th density, the 4th chakra of our heart. As we each move through this transitional decade, we each will learn of the mysteries of the heart.

As we forgive ourselves and forgive each other we will create unity consciousness.

What has helped me is to see an aspect of myself in every being ie another person, a tree, a rock, a dog, the water, the sun and everything in between. We are all from our creator, therefore we are one. There is no judgement, just being and allowing all expression to exist. This has been the gift Mother Earth has shared with me. To witness her evolve through her seasons with grace is a reminder that all is as it is. So we can release control, release the mind and come back to our precious heart.

So to you my community, if I have hurt you or upset you in anyway, “I am sorry, please forgive me, I thank you, I love you”.

Thank you for walking this path with me.

Janette, a woman on the awakening journey

The Longest Journey you will make in your Life is from your Head to your Heart ~ Indian Proverb

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