Prior to my awakening, I felt separate and disconnected from myself, mother earth and the world around me.

Waking up was a tough and challenging experience. I had to release my ego self and come to terms with childhood wounds that I left buried for so long in order to maintain the status quo and appease others.

God and Mother earth helped me elevate my frequency, come back into my heart and showed me how to walk side by side with the universe and the divine.

I knew that if I was to be a mentor and way shower then I would need to finally address my child hood wounds so I could go on and  be a teacher, healer and guide for others on this journey.

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I knew that if I was to continue to heal others then I needed to fully heal myself so my higher self and gifts could truly shine. My angels and the divine have guided me every step of the way and as I started to create this community.

During our soul mentoring sessions, we will walk and talk and if we find an olive tree, we will perch ourselves under it and explore your awakening journey. If we can’t walk and talk then we will simply talk, both of us ready to open our hearts and minds, as you find your way back to your soul self.

As a scorpio sun and capricorn rising, I have the natural ability to dive deep (scorpio) with you and explore the shadows and help you transmute those energies, whilst also putting into place practical steps (capricorn) to help you co-create with the universe.

Having lead thousands of soul-inspired conversations with clients over the last twelve years, I bring my personal experience and knowledge in Astrology, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Feng Shui, Astrotheology, Medical Astrology, Meditation to assist you along this awakening journey.



  • experiencing relationship troubles, unexpected life changes, health issues, a loss of a job?
  • feeling as though your life is false?
  • craving for meaning and purpose?
  • feeling anxious and fatigued?
  • feeling like your inner work has surpassed your family?
  • trying to figure out how to speak with people who are still asleep?
  • beginning to ask deep questions?
  • realising that a lot of what you’ve been taught is a lie?
  • feeling lost and alone?
  • seeing through the illusions of society?
  • wanting to ‘purge’ your life?
  • beginning to experience deep empathy and compassion?
  • becoming aware of your old negative habits?
  • wanting to deeply understand who you are?
  • feeling drawn to nature?

As your spiritual mentor, I will help guide you to your truth so you can live in the light, one spiritual step at a time.


Choose Your Package

We can custom design a package for you or you can choose from one session, five sessions or a ninety-day plan

Complete Questionnaire

You will complete a questionnaire that will mentally and spiritually prepare you for our first session

Let’s Walk or Talk

Depending on your circumstances, you can choose if you would like to walk in our Garden of Eden or talk online via skype or simply talk on the phone. The choice is yours!

Soul mentoring is coaching around the exploration of your own being. It’s to help you identify and achieve personal goals in any area of your life and that takes account of your mind body spirit connection.

It is not equated with religion but rather the search for inner peace, happiness, the essence of your being and the deepest values by which you live your life.


  • UNCOVER - your unique gifts
  • LEARN - how to trust the divine and the universe
  • DROWN OUT - the negative self talk telling you that you're not good enough
  • HEAL - your heart chakra and regain your energy
  • LIBERATE YOUR SOUL - from the heavy toxic emotions weighing down your energy
  • DISCOVER - the burning PASSION buried deep inside you
  • TRANSCEND - the stifling conditioning and programming you have been exposed to
  • LET GO - of your painful past and manifest a future of LOVE, EXPANSION, FREEDOM, & ABUNDANCE
  • GET READY - to go where you haven't gone before and do what you never thought you could do... (once aligned to your soul song)
  • ALIGN - your mind body spirit so you can move forward with clarity and divine purpose
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It takes a holistic approach and recognises that any one area of your life impacts upon another and so addressing your personal areas such as relationships, career or your inner child can, in turn, lead to an improvement in your health.

This type of mentoring differs from other approaches in that your starting point is an understanding that we all come from a deeper source that we can access through mindfulness, meditation, faith, and belief and from where we can draw out our deepest values.

Mentoring is a deep, meaningful relationship with a confidant who has no bias or judgment about you. A session is designed to help you answer questions and to enlighten you about your awakening path and facilitate some guidance along the way.

First Step - Awakening
5 Steps To Soul Self
90 Day Conscious Co-Creation