I was 46 years old before I had truly understood narcissism and narcissistic abuse.

I remember watching a video by a clinical psychologist on YouTube and it was as if she had explained what I had experienced for the best part of my life.

The relief I felt in that moment was palpable.

She was able to help me understand the underhanded emotional manipulation and gas lighting which I had struggled to articulate because of its covert nature.

The more I spoke to people about it, the more I started to realise just how pervasive narcissism was.

For our next soul session we’ll be exploring;

** The risk factors for attracting narcissists

**The signs you were raised by a narcissist, are in a relationship with a narcissist or work for a narcissistic leader

**Strategies to help you navigate such individuals and behaviour.

Come and join me 24.07.20 where I will share my thoughts, my research and my own personal experiences of dealing with narcissism.

Here’s the link to register

In the meantime, here is a video I made to help Empaths navigate challenging relationships with narcissists.

I’m looking forward to spending this valuable time together.

Love and blessings from a woman on the awakening journey.

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