Family Of Light,

As you start to expand your consciousness, there will come a time when you start to evaluate all the belief systems you have inherited and question whether they truly align with your spirit.

We are now at the time of planetary ascension where anything that is not in true alignment with your spirit will become amplified. These misalignments are becoming so obvious that it would be hard for them to go unnoticed. You may find that your body is sending you uncomfortable signals when around people, thought forms or in places that don’t support your evolutionary growth.

Will you pay attention?

When I have ignored the signs, they only reappear more amplified at a later date via another situation, person or thing.

This is God’s way of helping us to keep realigning otherwise we may become stuck and keep repeating unhealthy patterns. Not all people are meant to travel the entire path with us, not all friends are forever, not all inherited beliefs are yours and not all jobs are permanent.

So what repeating patterns are showing up for you right now?

This is not intended to hurt you but rather help realign you to your highest timeline while embodied here on Earth.  

When I came across the Law of One, these seven principles felt so natural and possible to achieve. They didn’t feel dogmatic which is what I felt with prescribed religion.

A Value System Of World Humanism
How do we change the trajectory of our planet? We need to come back to a set of principles that can unify us all. For me, the Law of One is an egalitarian philosophy for evolving humanity who is consciously choosing to move towards humanitarian goals. These principles have nothing to do with religion, age, sex, skin colour, or political views. The Law of One has everything to do with being loving, compassionate, and being of service to each other and mother earth. This is how we will unify. 

As I started to learn more about spiritual ascension I came across the Universal Laws of God. Again, they seemed to support world humanism and explained the interconnection between the basic elemental constituents of air, water, earth, fire and aether along with astrology and ascension mechanics in a way I had not understood before. 

Ultimately when we live in truth and harmony with ourselves and others, we are living in truth and harmony within the universal natural laws. Your heart will tell you if you are in alignment as you will feel a sense of peace. 

In this two-part series, I will share these natural laws with you and how I have personally experienced them. 

Much has been done on our planet to distort the natural laws of God and human heart-based values. Many structures and systems in our world are designed to enforce programming around control, extraction of resources, dismantling of heart-based values, competition and consumptive modelling or consumerism. All the while humans in the “lower” ranks are expected to enforce and promote these inverted ways of living and working which are reinforced by mainstream media. 

We are programmed to idealise “successful masculine” archetypes in men and women and we start to believe that we too are meant to operate in this way to achieve status, power, social standing and recognition. This is the beginning of the creation of the negative ego.

From this position we too start to exploit and consume an incredible amount of resources to sustain our false identity. This is parasitic and is a closed entropic system that is not life-affirming nor sustainable. Here, the individual will never reach a state of true fulfilment because they are constantly needing to quench their thirsty ego.

At this point, unbeknown to the individual they have become morally and spiritually bankrupt. 

If these inverted systems and programs no longer existed, where would you source your power from?

This is the time when we must stop and redefine our own relationship to power and re-contextualise the meaning of power in our personal life, and within world society.

So ask yourself, “How aligned is my inner world to my outer world?

Remember looking within and strengthening your relationship with yourself and God will never lead you astray.

Sat tuned for Part two covering the thirteen Natural Laws of God. 

May God’s love continue to fill our hearts so we can deliver his divine plan for our beloved Earth. Choose love as your constant guide.


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