Family Of Light,

Whether we are aware of the Natural Laws of God or not, they impact us all equally.

We each will be accountable and responsible for our choices, thoughts, behaviours and actions as we make our way through this lifetime. 

So much of our great inner work is to seek the truth in how we can best align with our inner spirit, which organically aligns with the natural laws. Our inner spirit can only be defined through our own direct lived experience. This is the path of gnosis.

So let’s take a close look at the Natural Laws of God. 

1. Law of Mentalism (Aires – Mars – Fire and connects to Chakra 1 – Root and Subconscious mind)
All things are created from a state of mind, a quality of thought and that which has been co-created within a system of energy. Everything that we observe in our reality is the result of a mental state and a belief system. Our thoughts have both an energetic and spiritual effect.
Q: What subconscious programming did you acquire from childhood around survival and have yet to clear? Are you looping through the same thoughts? Are your thoughts coming from your pain body? This Inner child workshop assisted me with this release .

2. Law of Correspondence (Taurus – Venus – Earth and connects to Chakra 2 – Sacral and Instinctual mind)
That which is expressed from our inner world is matched by what expresses in our outer world, and vice versa. Observe the interconnection between your inner world and your outer reality.
Q: Are my inner thoughts negative or positive and have they shown up in my reality through my circumstances, friendships or relationships etc. Being aware of your shadows is what brings that which is unconscious to your conscious mind so you can heal those limiting thought forms. This is a free workshop.

3. Law of Polarity (Gemini – Mercury – Air and connects to Chakra 3 – Solar Plexus and Conscious mind)
Two sides of polarity exist within everything i.e. light and dark both operate on either end of the colour spectrum. Co-dependency and Narcissism are opposite sides of the same coin. Our bodies simultaneously express masculine and feminine principles. Everything has pairs of opposites. Mental alchemy is what is required to achieve integration of these polarities and we do this by sending LOVE to all. All is intelligent energy, all is one with God. Release judgement and move into discernment. 
Q: Can you sit in “neutral observer” mode and accept the opposing elements within you. Can you love both and aim to unify these elements through love? 

4. Law of Rhythm (Cancer – Moon, Jupiter – Water and connects with Chakra 4 – Astral mind)
Everything is in constant motion just as a pendulum swings from side to side. 
Q: If you are happy one day and stressed the next, are you able to bring yourself back into balance? What can you do to reduce the need to be on the extreme ends of the pendulum? Here is a breathing exercise 

5. Law of Suggestion (Leo – Fire – Sun – Maldek, Asteroid Belt and connects with Chakra 5 – Solar Body, Royal Star Regulus)
All of our accumulated thoughts and experiences have shaped us thus far. 
Q: Are you able to go beyond what you have heard, what you have been told and what you have seen to find the higher truth of who and what you are beyond conditioning and programming? Here is a video on breaking free of enslavement programming. 

6. Law of Response (Virgo – Mercury – Jupiter – Earth and connects with Chakra 6 – Solar Body
When we learn to be still and listen with our hearts we can often receive guidance from God. If we ask with a genuine heart we will find that we are never alone and that we walk with the holy spirit. These responses often come in the way of a “feeling”. It is through your heart that you will be led to all that is. 
Q: Can you recall a time when you deeply reached out to God and received direct guidance? Here is a video about the Paradigm of Separation and how to exit this illusion. 

7. Law of Cause and Effect (Libra – Venus – Saturn – Air and connects with Chakra 7 – Ketheric Mind of Monadic Body)
At some point, we will all have to answer for our actions. There is no such thing as randomness, chance or luck, as there is a cause for every effect.
Q: If you find yourself in a challenging place, how can you bring more love to the situation so you no longer are held hostage? Where can you choose love over fear? Here is a workshop on how to move from karmic chaos to inner peace.

8. Law of Transformation (Scorpio – Pluto – Water and connects with Chakra 8, Metatronic or Monadic Mind of Monadic Body, Royal Star Antares 
By applying the law of Polarity, we arrive at transformation. All experiences are designed to help us transform in some way; be it our patterns of behaviour, our words, or the way we move through the world. Remember, the law of Cause and Effect tells us that there is no such thing as randomness, chance or luck. Those who have a scorpio sun or rising sign will be predisposed to learning many lessons through transformation. 
Q: Can you think of a time when you “paid it forward” and blessings were sent to you in other ways? Imagine what a smile or a simple “Good Morning” can do for another? Can you think of a time when a lesson really “landed” on you and you finally understood what you were to change or transform? Here is a video about the Hero’s journey – the Awakening Path 

9. Law of Transcendence (Ophiuchus – Chiron – Divine Fire Water and connects to chakra 9, the Golden Gate, Keriatric or Causal Mind of the Monadic Body 
This is about moving the ego out of the driver’s seat and allowing your divinity and soul spirit to take the wheel. Here you start to experience being in flow, knowing that EVERYTHING happens in the divine right order and that all is one with God. When we seek to be a knower of God, all else naturally falls to the wayside. Your desires and focus shift to something far bigger than your PERSONAL will. Now you are connecting with DIVINE will.
Q: What ego desires are holding you back from unleashing your spirit and connecting with God? Do you truly believe you will be loved and supported by God? Here is a video about planetary ascension and personal spiritual initiation.

10. Law of Verification (Sagittarius – Jupiter – Fire Chakra and connects with chakra 10, Solar Christ Mind of Avatar Body.  
Events and people that surface in our world come to test out what we are learning about ourselves (Law of Cause and Effect – nothing is random). As we mature we start to pay gratitude to all lessons regardless of how painful or difficult they were.
Q: Are you applying the learning of your lessons and expanding your consciousness? Here is a workshop about Healing Your Identity with Chiron in Aries till 2027.

11. Law of Cycles (Capricorn – Earth – Saturn, Moon, Nibiru and connects with chakra 11, Buddhic Mind of Avatar Body, Four Royal Stars Unified – The Maji Crown  
Everything in our life is subject to change. Just as Mother Earth goes through her natural cycles, nothing is fixed, nothing is permanent, and all is in constant motion (Law of Rhythm). When we come into acceptance of this, we learn to have preferences over attachments. As an example, my husband and I decided to put our children through public education instead of a private setting due to a change in our financial position. We found this a freeing experience and ultimately we feel we made the right decision for our children in the process. If we were attached to the idea of “status quo”, it would’ve been a painful experience. Instead, it was a liberating and empowering exercise. 

Q: What ideals are you tightly holding onto? If your life has taken an unexpected turn, how have you dealt with it? Remember there are no random occurrences. Everything and everyone is a lesson. Are you still trying to keep up with the illusion of the “status quo”? Here is a video about calling in a new cycle for humanity

12. Law of Vibration (Aquarius, Pisces, Air – Uranus and connects with chakra 12, Avatar Mind of Avatar Body, Royal Star – Fomalhaut)
This is the current vibration we as humanity are in as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Everything is conscious energy. The Law of Mentalism can assist us with this. We are vibrational beings, both energy transmitters and receivers. If we hold the energy of such things like LOVE, UNITY, and PEACE, this is what we will manifest in our external reality. If you are living your best life, this is not be chance. Here is a workshop about The Age of Aquarius and how you can create New Earth in your reality

13. Law of Gender (Pisces – Neptune – Water, Aether and connects with the 13th Gateway, Hierogamic Union, Orb Lightbody, Albion and Cathar, Krist and Krystallah. 
As we know the gender archetypes on our planet have become distorted and polarised. We see some women living out their dominant masculine essence and we see some men attempting to degrade the powerful feminine essence. Our gender principles are completely out of balance. Some of you in this lifetime will be coming into the merge of your masculine and feminine presence. This is called Hierogamic Union, the merge of Christos-Sophia and is a stair step to fully embodying unity consciousness. The perfected and balanced human being, connected to all things. By you embodying the principles of the Law of One you will create a harmonising field in and around you that allows the forces of God’s natural laws to be fully anchored on our beloved planet. This serves God’s divine plan towards world humanism and in rebuilding a planet where it’s foundation is built on love, peace, service to others and unity.

I hope you found this information an opportunity to expand your consciousness. More information, please refer to

I hold in my heart the hope and wish that humanity can live in divine grace with each other and Mother Earth.  We are the soil, we are the trees, we are the sun, we are the minerals and we are the waters. Together we can chart a course that leads all of us back to the golden age, our Garden of Eden.

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