Family Of Light,

I have been meaning to write on this topic for some time.

Along my awakening path, it became evident that the “New Age” movement is heavily hijacked by many false teachers who are being controlled by energies that do not want to see humanity ascend.

I have witnessed channelers who claim to be receiving messages from 
supposed Ascended Masters. Please please use your inner heart, intuition and discernment before you allow this information into your sphere. Many channelers are equally unaware of what sources they are channeling.

The New Age hijack is what has been created in groups who refuse to grow up, or to become accountable for their behaviours and responsible for their lives, thus, committing to a personal value system that evolves into spiritual maturity and self-integrity.

Many times, severely emotionally wounded people are led into the New Age, where they are not interested in healing themselves or taking responsibility for their behaviours. They seek instead, further excuses to continue negative behaviours and being deceptive to others, in an accepted social setting.

Here are some ways to spot the hijacked “New Age” movement;

  • Complacency, carelessness, demonstrating a lack of responsibility and cluelessness towards others
  • Easily mentally confused and overwhelmed, vacant eyes and expression, incoherent and fractured communication
  • Drug like ecstasy, euphoria to sedative state when in astral frequency transmissions from “Guru”
  • Projected spiritual fantasies on others, accusing others of being dark, prone to emotional tantrums, acts as the chaos-disruptor
  • Ungrounded in body therefore prone to self-delusions, naïve with poor decision making
  • Lack of discernment in environmental energies, places trust in untrustworthy people and highly corrupted organisations
  • No boundaries and open to whatever may come in the astral, covered with energy parasites
  • Rejects existence of pain and fear when confronted by it, cannot tell dark from light
  • Tends to lack discipline or self-responsibility
  • Prideful self-importance, declares they are on a spiritual mission and that gives them permission to treat others badly
  • Unwilling to confront or face negativity or bad behaviours for fear of being labeled judgmental
  • Low ethical behaviour, easily puts down others and engages in malicious gossip

Ultimately they deny the nature of reality and deny the painful truth by remaining in escapism and complacency by avoiding self-responsibility.

These disempowering and negative qualities have come to be the primary factors that have dominated the acceptable narratives that are included in the New Age movement as group think. 

Some of the New Age material has promoted shocking emotional damage to people in this way, by positively rewarding negative behaviours and unethical conduct such as spiritual bypassing, as acceptable norms in the management of the spiritual community.

Please only take what resonates with the purity of your heart and discard the rest.

Remember, your body is a messenger. If something feels off, it most likely is.

My light I send you

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